The chronicle of John Malalas / a translation by Elizabeth Jeffreys, Michael Jeffreys, and Roger Scott ; with Brian Croke [et al.] Malalas, John, approximately. The Chronicle of John Malalas (Byzantina Australiensia 4) [John Malalas, Elizabeth Jeffreys, Michael Jeffreys, Roger Scott, Brian Croke] on Malalas’ Chronographia in 18 books is a compilation of history from the Creation certainly to , perhaps to , but the single extant manuscript ends with.

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For he had mystic knowledge and used to put on displays and astonish the women, who regarded him as a qod and were seduced by him since he showed them displays by mechanical means. Tzetzes evidence is particularly important for the lacunose portrait list in Book 5, items from which reappear in several of his works listed above based on the Homeric poems.

For the Egyptians then did not know how to measure years, but they called the cycle of the day “years”. It consists of folios written throughout in the same neat hand apart from a few lines on f rprobably of the eleventh century. There is only one intelligent light that existed before intelligent light and there existed always Intellect, light of the intellect.

There will be a fuller discussion of the transmission ofthe jlhn in the Studies volume. When king does occur in the translation it represents prj. After Picus Zeus had reigned over Assyria for four years, he too left his mother and Hera, his sister and his wife, and, making his son Belos emperor of Assyria, went.

The Egyptians were grateful to him, since this was the first law on chastity which they received. Introduction xxv Other features of Malalas style are the incessant use of o auTds this or malxlas sameand 6 LStos the same. The most learned Timotheos interpreted this poetic story as follows, saying that the reason why the poet called these men serpent-footed was because their minds were brutalized and they considered human values of no account, but had feet which moved towards the evil and unjust.

There maalalas, for example, an official tone to Veronica s petition to Herod in Book 10, to the account of the Axoum embassy and the exchange of letters with the Persian king in Book 18; the description of the earthquake at Antioch in Book 17 attempts some rhetorical structures not noticeable elsewhere, and there is a close paraphrase of Isaiah at the end of Book 5. References in the subtext to the texts listed here and to the texts not discussed but given in the list of abbreviations are, unless otherwise stated, by page and line of the edition to which reference is made.


C also uses Malalas on Romulus introduction of circus factions to Rome.

John Malalas

Then Picus Zeus, emperor of the regions of the West, hearing that Inachos had a beautiful virgin daughter, sent for To, daughter of Inachos, and carried her off. Ba begins at this point, after Hephaist. They are said to have practised philosophy together until death. He made them migrate and commanded them to live in Persia, giving them there whatever land they chose. While he was wandering along the seashore by the city of Tyre, he saw a shepherd s dog eating what is known as a murex, which is a small kind of sea snail.

Brian Parker allowed himself to be mercilessly exploited for translation from Syriac, for which we are very grateful. The subtext has been constructed using Charles English translation, to whose chapters and paragraph numbers reference is made. So, getting down from his horse in the village known as Andrasos, Perseus placed the sole of his foot there.

Abbrevi in the subtext circa century correction, corrected crhonicle consul died flourished fragment the original form of Malalas chronicle see p. At the end are those texts whose value must be qualified by cfapart from the Slavonic texts in the testimonia lists, which are given together at the end. IstMify 23, Soph 8, 9. The author is probably to be identified with Isaac cthird son of the emperor Alexios I ; he founded the Kosmosotira monastery, sponsored illuminated mss and is securely identified as the author of other short works Hunger,58; Varzos, Noack, Der griechische Dictys, Philologus, Suppl.

Calam̩o РChronicle of John Malalas

Diodoros Slav; see Reinert, note Trisperos wrongly read in P by Istrin. Zeus said to Perseus, “You will conquer all your chronicls with this, and those who hate you and every opponent; all those who look at that face will be blinded and motionless, as if dead and slaughtered by you”.

Contact our editors with your feedback. Material in brackets in the translation in the form Kadmiades daughters of Kadmos indicates that this is an explanation we have added to help the reader; in the form image iconthe italicized word is a transliteration from the Greek, usually to make sense of an untranslatable pun. This means that on page 46 of Bo the Slavonic text and the Constantinian excerpts De virtutibus have the added words and staturefollowing the point where beauty stands in the translation.


But even when all texts concerned are in Greek, some elasticity has been allowed, especially over inessential variations of wording in passages which are otherwise identical over several lines. Paulys Realencyclopaedie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, new rev. Vasiliev, Justin the First. His Ecclesiastical History, which makescareful use of documentary sources, covers events from to Th has, however, frequently rewritten his borrowings often to eliminate Malalas linguistic awkwardnessesrearranged their order and combined some entries.

Tvorogov, Materialy k istorii russkikh khronografov. The tribe of Shem took as the length of its territory the land from Persia and Bact.

One of his main sources was Malalas. We have not distinguished between the two sections of Eccl Hist in the subtext.

There will be a full discussion of this in the Studies volume. Joshua the Stylite s chronicle cannot be used to establish the wording of Malalas but, given the similar phraseology in a number of episodes eg the Illus conspiracya common source must underly the two accounts.

Kronos had by Philyra another son known as Cheiron, also a philosopher. References then follow to the use of the same material in the Chronicon Paschale, the chronicles of Kedrenos and George Monachos, two entries in the Souda lexicon and the Ethiopic text of John of Nikiu. Thus the giants, or serpent-footed creatures, perished miserably and ended their lives. Hera to wife Author ofa world chronicle from Adam to the accession of Herakleiosnothing is known of Johannes Antiochenus John of Antioch except that, as his name indicates, he came from Antioch.