John Yarker. Born in Westmorland, England, April 17, , died March 20, , and was long identified actively with Freemasonry in Manchaster but. John Yarker. from: $ The Arcane Schools. John Yarker. from: $ Notes on the Scientific and Religious Mysteries of Antiquity: The Gnosis and Secret. Ordo Templi Orientis, Memphis Misraim, Jean Bricaud Cerneau Theodor Reuss Harry Seymour Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite John Yarker Gérard.

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Stan’s Cafe is a theatre company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with a long track record in producing experimental theatre, installations and live art. Blavatsky asserts that every ancient and modern Initiate takes the following oath: It is, however, through the Aryan Sanskrit that we can more particularly trace the assimilation of Akkad to a building fraternity, for the word Ak means to pierce, Akra is a sharp point, Akri is corner, Akana is a stone, Aktan is the number eight or the angles which are in a cube.

Although founded inits predecessors have their origins in the 18th century.

Like many of his yarksr, Yarker was also interested in occultism. The chief British gods were Hu and Ceridwen, or the Ouranos and Ghe of the Cabiri; and it is worthy of mention that there are Druidical unhewn stones and temples in cruciform, the one in the island of Lewes consists of 12 stones each limb having three, and the subterranean of New Grange in Ireland is also cruciform.

In the s his parents had contacts with Thomas and Emma Hardy who spent time there before moving to Max Gate.

Order Of The Lion Essay on John Yarker – Zero Equals Two!

The Cabiric gods were held to be the instructors of mankind in all useful knowledge; magical rites, building, smelting and working in metals, shipbuilding, music, etc. Unifor National Council is the umbrella organization for five regionally based Unifor Local Unions across Canada that represent more than 5, members in various sectors, largely within the railway and transportation industry.

These were two great circles which intersected and which had their corresponding circles. The roof is described as being very low, with one writer stating that “[it comes] nearly to the ground,”[6] and whil The whole of the internal structure covers an all-important allegory.

It is true that we cannot now give proof that such a system is as ancient as humanity, but we may accept its extreme antiquity from the fact that in the most ancient historic times there was a widespread system of three degrees of Theosophy amongst people hopelessly separated. Feminist writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

In remote times sects arose that made a separate symbol of one or other of the principles. The Finlanders from the most ancient times to the present day have had a magical system of three grades which are termed Tietajat learnedAsaajat intelligentand Laulajat incantators. These efforts, which tend to lower the prestige of our ancient Craft, are not altogether without good results, as they have led to a more careful examination of our Masonic legends and of ancient documents, and I have therefore added, to a general History of the Arcane Schools, a view, sufficiently explicit, of the ancient rites of the Masons, leaving the intelligent Freemason of our day to trace the relative bearing of these.


The last issue was published in It is singular that the Mayaux legends or Mythology should contain so much in common with Egypt, Asia, and India.

Academic publishing has some ethical standards in place for avoiding and handling conflicts of interest, and is continuing to develop new standards. It is very noteworthy that Egypt was the most prosperous during the eras which followed the accession of Menes their first King.

John Yarker – Arcane School

John Yarker is Born. In Egypt owing either to a johb inversion of the legend, which may have either been the production of some very old racial war, or later to mark their detestation of the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings, the priests made of the god Set, or Seth, a devil identical with Typhon who murdered his brother Osiris. Member feedback about Henry Joseph Moule: During the thousand years rule of the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings, they were in constant contact with a monotheistic creed, but no sooner yarmer they driven out these oppressors than the rites of the doctrine of immortality, under a Father, Mother, and Son, arose in their old splendour.

Yagker had only jlhn or two other books with me. He became a prolific writer of books, along with articles, notices and letters to Masonic—and, as we shall see, occult—journals. With the Akkadians the god of copper-smiths had the same name as the god of ironworkers amongst the Laplanders, and the words for iron and copper are the same respectively.

This site is for entertainment purposes only.

In the end, the Ancient and Primitive Rite was never a threat to the AAR, and subsisted through the dues payments of a small cadre of dedicated members with Yarker making up the difference out of his own pocket.

The building is located on the site of a much earlier Anglo-Saxon church and has some remnants of that era incorporated into the building, though the present structure dates back to the 12th century. The ritual and symbols were entrusted by the Ariki-Ranji divine and supreme head to the various officers in order to properly carry out the ceremonials connected with these meetings, whereat only those others who were entitled to be present had the happiness of listening ysrker the recitals, and of observing the uses of the higher symbols.

The Mysteries are in short murders and funerals. Lamen of Ordo Templi Orientis. Still in some important respects, so far as a mere M. It entered Pisces B. He also supposes that the confession of Lamech may hint at the beginning of human sacrifice.

There is also a Persian legend which alleges that in the joun of Kaf, which can only be reached by a magic ring that of Suleimanthere is a gallery built by the giant Arzeak where the statues of the ancient men are preserved who were ruled by the Suleimans, or wise Johnn of the East.


Dr Allan Douglas Hawke For eminent service to public administration, particularly through the formulation and implementation of policy in the areas of transport, defence and education, and to the strengthening of bilateral relations with New Zealand.

Enoch is represented as a Hermit, and the word implies Initiation.

Masonic Bios

Information about individuals posted on this site, alive or dead, does not constitute an endorsement of any views stated on this site by said individuals. It was to be the first of many such trips across the country by train. Because most high degree rites were compilations of older, independent ceremonies, Yarker concluded that these rites had no basis for claiming exclusivity over their constituent rituals: Then again Speculative Masonry was not advanced or urged, and each one tarker to have used his enlightenment for the purpose of furthering his knowledge along these ancient lines, which embraced the complete system, offering that fulness of happiness granted to mortals who were enabled to penetrate the very depths of nature, and by revelling in her mysteries attain the threshold of the divine.

All the Egyptian Kings were initiated into them, and are represented as adorned with very handsome aprons. The two difficulties facing historians are the paucity of written material, even down to the 19th century, and the misinformation generated by masons and non-masons alike from the earliest years. It has a triangular arch constructed by the overlapping of large stones, in which the three sons of Can are symbolised; by taking in the sides we have five to include the two sister; and adding the ends we have seven or the whole family; numbers which are sacred both in Central America and in the East.

Barbarous wars arose, the Aryan Hellenes devastated the country, and during an era of oppression reduced the old inhabitants to subjection; we find them denominated Pelasgi with a succession of 26 kings followed by 7 uarker.

Three vertical lines with a horizontal right angle line at the top of each one to rightindicates the presence of garker G. We will take first the Chinese, who are the most primitive of civilised races, and still retain their monosyllabic language, represented by hieroglyphics of which each is the picture of a root-word, of such value that the characteristic meaning is understood throughout the Empire, even where the spoken language is mutually unintelligible.

There are important distinctions between the Hindus and these aboriginal hill-tribes; the latter have no caste divisions, they eat flesh food and offer live victims in sacrifice to their gods; and are essentially either of a Mongolian or Turanian type, yarkeg the Burmese and Japanese.