The quickstart template included Joomla which I unzipped into Joomla15 in the htdocs directory of xampp. This all worked fine and I have. Redirects Component for Joomla! overview, changelog, download. File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size. axe-rescheek-quickstart-UNZIP-FIRST. zip, Axe Rescheek Quickstart Website joomla free templates themes layout.

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Follow the instruction step by step to complete installation process. It will be well worth your time. Either the quickstarf is overloaded or there was an error in a CGI script. I have been thinking that Quickstart was just the template, but now I think that is the root of my problems. The steps are same joomlla15 Joomla 1.

I have a project that I should have completed days ago, but this is certainly delaying that goal.

How to install JoomlArt Quickstart – JoomlArt

Learn to use quickstaft localhost right away. The easiest way to get started with Joomla! My server does not seem to have a sample database to install. That’s why we call it “Quick Start” Important: Please tell us with image. You can use the Joomla! September 14, at There is also a very nice beginners visual qyickstart to getting started with Joomla! September 29, at I tried this but it does not work?


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Sherlock Friend Sherlock Join date: Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of total. You will even make changes to the default template.

how to change the files?

How do I do this? I also tried your guys explanation using quickstart. Jump to forum Jump to forum.

It will help you save much time of installing and configuring if you plan to start your site from the beginning. After you have done your installation. September 28, at 9: I want to install Teline II. You know Joomla has migrate to the newst version and it seem there are so many changes, including the look of lay out etc. A localhost is a great way to learn how to use Joomla! I’m totally confused define ‘URL’, ‘http: I know that the same process for the Joomla upgrade but not the quickstart package.

how to change the files?

September 13, at 4: The installation page should be appeared as normal Joomla! May 30, at 2: October 1, at 3: Please read this Announcement for details. I am a little confused. First of all, I am assuming after you’ve qkickstart Virtuemart? Following the installation, you quickly learn how to configure all kinds of extensions, including components, modules and plugins.


I am able to access Joomla2 via http: Change these from the user manager once you have logged in. While install, please remember to install Sample Qukckstart to have all JoomlArt designed content, module and components settings. September 30, at 4: In the end, they are best able to help.

Teline ii quickstart includes joomla 1. Start installation by typing your URL to the quickstart that you have extracted uploaded.

Sorry to be so confused! Either you need jomla15 restore the files or install xampp on new and set it up as i said above. The installation is no different from normal joomla installation. Now I want to create a second web site for testing on my pc, using a different Joomlart template and different content.

In other words, is Quickstart a custom build of Joomla 1. Please follow these steps: Quick Start Guide From Joomla! We moved to new unified forum. Is it database included inside the package somewhere?.