The Bible is the greatest Story Every told. Astro-Theology is the study of God. Why does every other Church have a different Story? Where does.

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As far back as we can go into the ancient world, we find that all known cultures had a “Three-in-one” Triune God. Since the Earth experienced 4 different seasons, all the same and equal in time each year, the round Sun calendar was divided into 4 equal parts. Since evil and harm lurked at every turn in the fearful dark of night, all evil or harmful deeds were naturally, the In the Germanic, the word ‘ Sun ‘ is spelled ‘ Son ne’. It did not take ancient man very long to decide that in this world the single greatest enemy to be feared was the darkness of night, and all the unknown dangers that came with it.

According to the best understanding we have gleaned from the available records, life for our ancient forefathers was a mixture of wonder and fear. Since it bears directly on our subject, we will quote it: The time has come to set matters straight. Simply stated, man’s first enemy was darkness. This putting to death of the light of truth in your mind is always accompanied by two thieves: And so He is!

For three days, December 22nd, 23rdand 24th, the Sun rises on the exact same latitudinal declination degree. As stated before, in the dark cold of night man realised his utter vulnerability to the elements.

At that point, one offered prayers to the ” Most Hig h” God! It followed that God’s ‘Sun’ was nothing less than ” Our very Saviour”. It was from these meager, distressful conditions of the human race that our long history of the search for God and meaning has come. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God. Therefore, God’s ‘Sun’ was doing His heavenly Father’s work of enlightening all in the temple at The “Ancient Story” went something like this With the return of the Sun each morning, man felt more secure in his world and therefore, was at peace.


Many thousands of years ago in what we refer to as the the “primordial world” of the ancients, human life was a far different experience to that which we enjoy today.

The ancient peoples reasoned that no one on Earth could ever lay claim of ownership to the Great Orb of Day. Therefore we can, with assurance, summarily dismiss thousands of years of human spirituality as ignominious myth, believed by well-meaning, but gullible primitives. In point of fact, every Astrotheolog culture and nation on Earth have all used the Sun as the most logically appropriate symbol to represent the Glory of the unseen Creator of the heavens.

For this, the sundial and sun calendars were devised.

So just as small fire brought limited light into man’s own little world of darkness, likewise the “Great Fire of Day” served the whole Earth with its heavenly presence. Each day, just finding food for one’s family without becoming a meal yourself for the roaming predatory animals, was maxaell life and death struggle.

The early morning Sun or “New Born Babe”, was pictured in two ways. When no clear answers were forthcoming from the universe, man turned inward, and developed his own. This is the first, original, and therefore the oldest, and most respected story on Earth!

And nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the history of man’s quest for “God”, and the ancient religion we still keep holy today. Let’s closely examine the original, conceptual foundations of the faith, and then decide ” The ancients taught that the very act of opposing or denying the light of truth to the point of killing it, happened in one’s own mind!


The Egyptians knew that the Sun was at its highest point in the sky at high noon. Consequently, all life was lost without the Sun.

From then on, it was simple to understand Today, as in all mankinds’ history, it has once again been told anew. While it was plainly true that our life came from and was sustained each day by “Our Saviour In the Egyptian, he was called “SET”. Therefore, God’s ‘Sun’ was with his warm rays of life and hope Astrltheology the ancient world, long before the Hebrews ever existed, the celebration of spring was called ” The Pass Over.

Jordan Maxwell – Astrotheology

And of course the reverse was equally true. Today we use expressions when someone dies.

Therefore, the morning Sun focused man’s attention on heavenly dependents for his frail, short existence on Earth, and in doing so, it became the appropriate symbol of divine benevolence from heaven.

With this simple truth understood, we can now begin to unravel an ancient and wonderful story. It was generally observed that ‘God’s Sun’ could be depended upon to return in the same manner that he left, namely, ” On a Cloud ” “.

The 4 Gospels represent the four 4 seasons which collectively tell the entire story of the life of God’s ‘Sun’. Ancient man saw in his male offspring his own image and likeness, and his own existence as a father was proved by the person of his son. Any evolution, at it’s most accelerated rate, is always agonisingly slow.