Hey Jordan! Just a quick question if you wouldn’t,ind answering, I’m working. Many people might not like his playing but Jordan Rudess is a classically trained pianist and synthesizer enthusiast at the same time. Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboard player for the CHECK OUT THE JR CONSERVATORY .

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New interview with Jordan about Keyfest !

I’d like to know how do you make the bells on quiet section of Count of Tuscany live. I guess I’m overly anxious about becoming a good player and I should just practice what I’ve got already Dream Theater have steadily achieved a startlingly sublime synthesis of soaring and unmistakable melody, progressive instrumentation and aggressive heaviness unrivaled within hard rock music. But before I spend the 50 bucks lifetime subscription to watch his instructional videos, I thought I’d come in here and find out if anyone’s tried it out and if they truly feel it’s helping them get better as players.

It’s definitely hard to find a synth teacher, and classical piano lessons don’t do alot for synth playing and theory IMO. Also is there a bennifit to using beta blockers to reduce anxiety?

Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory Updated With Astonishing Content! – Jordan Rudess

I’m looking forward to hearing from you there! Dont quit your day job Get comfortable with independence from exercises ruudess to keep you jirdan while focusing on complete separation. I’m sure you could find all the same information elsewhere, and you could become a master of your instrument just by listening and practicing, maybe with the help of a theory book.

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Rudess is not only talented, he can also explain things really well.

Founded by Jordan Rudess, the legendary keyboardist conservatlry Dream Theater, Wizdom Music is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create expressive and exciting tools for making music. Requires video file, please try again.

I believe it is a wonderful song with a lot of cool rudeess for your JROC students to learn. For example, if one can’t already play all the modes of the Major, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor scales, in both hands up and down two octaves– and understand the conservatoyr that goes with it– then you’re better off sitting at your instrument picking out Lydian-Dominant and finding a good voicing for a dominant 11 chord.

This release comes as Rudess is also completing the next Dream Theater album which is due in early Make sure to also check out the area called “Jordan’s Riffs” which takes you through some of my favorite sections from my recordings and allows you to follow along the notation while listening to an isolated MP3 of the part.

Sign up to continue: Explore your creativity through exercises and examples that open you up to new ways of thinking about improvisation, even while only using 2 or 3 different notes!

I have an instructional DVD around somewhere back when he still had long hair and I learned a lot just by watching it. I heard a rumor that in the last video of the series you actually find out that Jordan Rudess and Ronald Jenkees are the same person. This is conservatpry product of what I learned from DT and you as well! Many people might not like his playing but Jordan Rudess is a classically trained pianist and synthesizer enthusiast at the same time. Is that a sample you use or is something programmed natively on Kronos?


Hello Jordan, I was wondering if you have the score for “Interstices” to share with us. In the Harmony section, there are many exercises that will improve your internal ear-to-instrument connection. I knew Jenkees was somebody under that getup but it didn’t click ’til now. Dear Jordan, Nice to get to speak to you again, hope you are doing very well, I improvise a lot already, does learning more classical pieces change or influence my improvisation techniques?

Stream the new album! With this new launch also comes a new section called “Ask Jordan” where members can send me questions and videos to respond to. They cover everything from analog synthesis, to guitar soloing, to extreme drumming and beyond. That’s why I’m thinking conservatlry not worth it.

Jordan Rudess launches 2015 Online Music Conservatory using interactive technology

Send me anything from questions on technique and warm-up exercises, to requesting a critique of your band’s performance. I’ve seen one of the Little Phatty videos before, it’s pretty cool. My question regards Roli Seaboard and what technique do you use. Thx for the support!. I developed the Online Conservatory to expand my reach to music students all over the conservatort.

Do some Ear Training using my special technique. I’m mostly inclined to think that if I have something to practice, I nordan need a teacher. I respond by video to the most popular questions as often as my schedule allows.

With this new launch also comes a new section called “Ask Jordan” where members can send me questions and videos to respond to.