The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@Justine_Klotz): “Bal”. The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@justineklotz). To German mystic, Justine Klotz (), the Lord inspired a similar ejaculation, with special regard for priests: “Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly souls.

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How I will fill souls with gifts! However, when I think I may have to suffer in this way again, I trust in God. How is it jusine that you kill?

You should know that in these families in seemingly impossible juztine from a human perspective, my grace can bring healing where sin has brought destruction because they have discovered that I am the Holy One.

It benefits all, far beyond death!

Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls”

They are true seeds of death, but by the blood of my immaculate Son they become signs of life for eternal life. I say to them, “You can sharpen your sword, but the weapon you have prepared will kill you.

But they need the support of our prayer. Who is lkotz to be my guest?

Society for Unborn Children Prophecies of our times about abortion

judtine How many children are killed each day? You children who love me, please comfort me Your trust must be as great. I have robed you anew with the Act of Love. The Father cries when he hears these babies’ screams. There will be many other helpers who are already living out their family lives in holiness. At that moment I wanted to disappear because I was become increasingly aware of the presence of his Justie, the Holiest of Holies. I love you, do not reject the love that is waiting for you.


The new Act of Love

How fast they come to me. Or have my words lost their light? I can create new, completely different lives for them.

When you name and place them three unborn children in the chalice at the moment of transubstantiation, they are dedicated to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and immediately redeemed in Jesus. Sometimes Justinw asks some souls, who have klorz themselves to his mercy, for suffering as reparation 16th September Sister Faustina explains: My Love is holy; it is as a luminous cloud that enwraps the soul and the soul knows it.

This is a triumph for the evil one! It will allow me to tear down the wall put up by the evil one against me. Many are possessed by evil that causes them to carry out these operations.

I gave it to you through my Mother; it is a gift, for everyone the same. You those who vote for abortion take my little ones to the depths of the grave It is an evil monster; deceit is crowned, but not visibly. So offer your entreaties to him! Your wickedness will fall back on you, as your own brutality will fall upon you” Psalm 7: God is aware of the peril judtine so many and He thwarts it.


Not hell is the judge, but I. This time is close. During the offertory I was rebaptising unborn children and at a certain point I saw the ampulla containing water grow. Always give me your heart; I shall put it next to mine; together for the Mother. For this reason you were shown this Mrs. I have united you to my love. For me there are no heights or abysses.

The simplest souls can help these little ones and can baptise them! Klotz had just seen a vision of unborn children. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The formula Jesus, Mary I love You, save llotz is but a help. Through these tiny victims I create new families where there has previously been death.