Siva Panchakshari Stotram · Sri Ramana Maharshi Upadesa Saram Kanakadhara Stotram (English) · Kanakadhara Stavam (Telugu) · Siva Mahimna Stotram. Sri Kanakadhara Stotram MP3 Song by K. S. Chithra from the Sanskrit movie Sri Lakshmi Stotramala. Download Sri Kanakadhara Stotram song on Kanakadhara Stotram is a hymn. It is called Kanakadhara because when Adi Sankara recited it, the Goddess Lakshmi created a shower of golden fruit.

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Add to Spiritual Diary. Meaning, Advance Benefits And Power. Even today it is believed that poverty would be banished by singing this hymn. Meaning- Salutations to her who is as pretty. The 21 stanzas became famous and are read by all devout Hindus.

Learn Sri Kanakadhara Stotram

Gheerdhevathethi garuda dwaja sundarithi,Sakambhareethi sasi shekara vallebhethi,Srishti sthithi pralaya kelishu samsthitha ya,Thasyai namas thribhvanai ka guros tharunyai. The hymn was written in the 8th century CE by Adi Sankara, a revered Hindu philosopher and theologian.

He asked the Goddess to grant riches to the poor woman. She hesitantly offered it to Sankara.

One day, as a young boy, he was begging for alms to prepare his lunch and he went to the house of a very poor Brahmin lady to seek alms. He was moved after seeing the plight of the woman and sang 21 hymns praising Goddess Lakshmi.

Stotras with meaning from Bhakti Pages

These 21 stanzas became sacred and popular as Kanakadhara Stotram sung for the welfare of anybody suffering because of the past karma and suffering from poverty: After searching the house once again she found one amla Amalak, gooseberry fruit.

Ishta visishtamathayopi yaya dhayardhra,Dhrishtya thravishta papadam sulabham labhanthe,Hrishtim prahrushta kamlodhara deepthirishtam,Pushtim krishishta mama pushkravishtaraya.

One should chant this hymn on Fridays and full moon days in the morning and the evening. And syotram her with her blue lotus eyes glance me a little. Praptham padam pradhamatha khalu yat prabhavath,Mangalyabhaji madhu madhini manamathena,Mayyapadetha mathara meekshanardham,Manthalasam cha makaralaya kanyakaya. The house this happened still exisits in Kaladi. Only worldly people are afraid of number As the lotus in full bloom,Salutations to her who is born from ocean of milk,Salutations to the sister of nectar and the moon,Salutations to the consort of Narayana.

He was born in a poor Brahmin family in Kerala.


Sri Kanakadhara Stotram

Views Read Edit View history. Verse 1 Word-by-Word Pronunciation http: The Kanakadhara Stotram is a powerful hymn that pleases Goddess Lakshmi and eliminates poverty, showering blessings, happiness, wealth and abundance on the practitioner. Sarasija nilaye saroja hasthe,Dhavalathamamsuka gandha maya shobhe,Bhagavathi hari vallabhe manogne,Tribhuvana bhoothikari praseeda mahye Meaning- She who sits on the Lotus,She who has lotus in her hands,She who is dressed in dazzling white,She who shines in garlands and sandal paste,The Goddess who is the consort of Hari,She who gladdens the mind,And she who confers prosperity on the three worlds,Be pleased to show compassion to me.

These 21 stanzas became sacred and popular as Kanakadhara Stotram sung for the welfare of anybody suffering because of the past karma and suffering from poverty:. Pradosha Puja January 3, 6: Meaning- The God of love could only reach ,The killer of Madhu,Through the power of her kind glances,Loaded with love and blessing And let that side glance ,Which is auspicious and indolent,Fall on me.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Dhiggasthibhi kanaka kumbha mukha vasrushta,Sarvahini vimala charu jalaapluthangim,Prathar namami jagathaam janani masesha,Lokadhinatha grahini mamrithabhi puthreem.

Kanakadhāra Stotram – Wikipedia

Numerology predictions for Origin [ edit ] The hymn was written in the 8th century CE ttelugu Adi Sankara, a revered Hindu philosopher and theologian. Pradosha Puja Kanakadhada 18, 6: For him Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati are the same.

To help everyone learn this new text, we are providing the words, along with recordings of each of the 21 verses. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo.

Meaning- Salutations to her who is light living in Lotus flower,Salutations to her who is the earth and also mother of earth,Salutations to her who is ianakadhara by Devas,And salutations to her who is the consort of the son of Nanda. Sthuvanthi ye sthuthibhirameeranwaham, Thrayeemayim thribhuvanamatharam ramam, Gunadhika guruthara bhagya bhagina, Bhavanthi the bhuvi budha bhavithasayo.

Mugdha muhurvidhadhadathi vadhane Murare,Premathrapapranihithani gathagathani,Mala dhrishotmadhukareeva maheth pale ya,Sa ne sriyam dhisathu sagarasambhavaya. Our Temple is a Learning Temple, so we encourage everyone to learn and join in the chanting of this sacred stotram.

Evening Puja December 31 7: Home Slideshows Kanakadhara Stotra: Meaning- Please send your mercy which is like wind,And shower the rain of wealth on this parched land,And quench the thirst of this little chataka bird,And likewise ,drive away afar my load of sins,Oh, darling of Narayana,By the glance from your cloud like dark eyes.


Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power 1. Meaning- Salutations to her who is daughter of Bhrigu,Salutations to her lives on the holy chest of Vishnu,Salutations to Goddess Lakshmi who lives in a lotus,And saluations to her who is the consort of Damodhara. Meaning- With half closed eyes stares she on Mukunda,Filled with happinessshyness and the science of love,On the ecstasy filled face with closed eyes of her Lord,And let herwho is the wife of Him who sleeps on the snake,Shower me with wealth.

Auspicious for These Moon Signs. Sankara does not distinguish between the three Goddesses of Hinduism. Meaning- Again and again return ,those glances,Filled with hesitation and love,Of her who is born to the ocean of milk,To the face of Murari,Like the honey bees to the pretty blue lotus,And let those glances shower me with wealth. Namosthu naleekha nibhananai,Namosthu dhugdhogdhadhi janma bhoomayai,Namosthu somamrutha sodharayai,Namosthu narayana vallabhayai.

The great secrets of Jinn. Meaning- She is the goddess of Knowledge, darling of Him who has Garuda as flag, power that causes of death at time of deluge,And she is the wife of Him who has the crescent,And she does the creationupkeep and destruction at various times, My salutations to this lady who is worshiped by all the three worlds. Bahwanthare madhujitha srithakausthube ya,Haravaleeva nari neela mayi vibhathi,Kamapradha bhagavatho api kadaksha mala,Kalyanamavahathu me kamalalayaya Meaning- He who has won over Madhu,Wears the Kousthuba as ornament,And also the garland of glances, of blue Indraneela,Filled with love to protect and grant wishes to Him,Of her who lives on the lotus,And let those also fall on me,And grant me all that is good.

How to perform Janmashtami Puja.

During Navaratri, this stotram will be chanted each day during the morning homas. You can print out the text of Sri Kanakadhara Stotramand then listen to the word-by-word pronunciation of each verse.

Sankara told the Goddess that she is the kanzkadhara one who is capable of changing the fate of someone by erasing or changing the writings of the future made by Lord Brahma.