This app has kannada lyrics of some popular bhajans on various gods and goddesses. Most Bhajans are from Ramakrishna Math. But we have also included. Результаты поиска для KANNADA-BHAJANE видео.

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I have already posted a request, but do not know whether it has reached you or not. I can only speak kannada. Posted by Bhajans on March 30, at 7: Varava kodamma devi saubhagyada varava kodamma thaye 3. May be I could be of help to you. Vaasinam chakra theerthasya, dakshniastha girou sada, Thungaboditha rangasya, vathena parishobithe.

BTW, if you have the song, could you please post me the link to pradhansn gmail. Please forward me in kannada version. It comprises of 32 verses in four chapters which encompasses the meaning of the brahma sutras and also tradition avers that acharyaru composed it to enable Achyuta preksharu to do parayana on sadana dwadashis when entire recitation of brahma sutra bhasya was difficult.

Thanks so much, Muralidhar. Shloka 6 Srimatpoornaprabodhaprakatithapadaveedhavibhedhaavidheemat Senaabaaseeraseemaa samudithaviditaabaadayodhaadi netha maayaasiddhaanta deekshaavighatanaghatana sarvatantra svatantrah sriraamavyaasadaaso vilasati vibhudeendraabhidah samyameendrah The poet next eulogises the 11th pontiff of matha, Sri Vibhudendra tirtha.

Srimadaachaaryaru composed a wonderful work on the first forty sooktas of the Rig Veda known as Rig bhaashya.

Posted by traditionalrangoli on August 19, at 3: Can you direct me to a website or other venue? Posted by Friend on September 21, at I was told about your blog by my uncle, and I am hooked on to it ever since.


Lyrics | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Posted by Lakshman on September 27, at 7: Very informative and interesting for Kids. I can provide more info I someone would be so kind bhqjane help.

I really appreciate this effort to note down the lyrics. If anyone wants to download Baraha, they can always google. Hi Sreedevi, many songs on Lakshmi and Krishna are posted. The work done by you is incredible.

kannada bhajane

I will try to find the Kannada translation and post it on the main page. Mallige jaaji hoomaale haaki chandana hacchi singara maadi Karpoora daarati ninage belagi bhakti indali bajisuva vaara. Hi Sri Lakshman, Thanks a lot for giving the lysrics of this song.

I think Shreenath acted. By using the word vighatanaghatana the poet has used the chekaanupraasaa alankaara. Posted by Priya Nagarajan on October 3, at 9: Simlarly, from the sea of siddanta,the pearls called adhikaranas have been taken by Your Holiness and woven into a garland using theintellect of your Holiness as the sacred thread called the wonderful work called Nyaya muktavali and presented to the pandits with your blessings.

Vandita shesha vandyoru vrundaarakam Chandana charchito daara peenaamsakam Indira chanchala paangda neerajitam Mandarodhari vruttodhbhuja bhoginam Preenayamo vasudevam devatha mandala khanda mandanam, preenayamo vasudevam.

This work is beautifully compared to the shukla paksha trutiyachandra darshana by the author.


Unnata prarthitha shesha samsadhakam Sannata lowkika nandada sreepadam Bhinna karmashaya prani samprerakam Tanna kim neti vidvatsu meemaamsitam Preenayamo vasudevam devatha mandala khanda mandanam, preenayamo vasudevam. Posted by Lakshman on August 27, at While I was searching the gayatri mantra written in Gujarati text, I came along your site. Though Prameela did not receive any formal training in singing she can now render light classical music in 5 Indian languages – Sanskrit, HindiKannada, Konkani, and Marathi.

Trivaram ya paden nithyam, bhkthya dwijothama, Vanchitham labhathe abeeshtam, shanmasabhyanthare kalu. Posted by Manoj Divakar on November 7, at 9: I was looking for this song lyrics and found it, Thought it might be of interest. Can u pls post some more songs n lyrics of aarti n Raghavendra swami. Can you please tell me the website?

If u have them can u post them on this website at the earliest. Posted by Lakshman on August 31, at 7: Mantralaya swamin — In your poorvaashrama your holiness authored a gloss on the prameya navamallika and since it dealt with elaborately on the greatness of Mukyaprana and his glories deeds ,his consort Sri Bharati devi decided to install Venkatanatha on the vedanta samrajya.