Buy KDS Daishinku/KDS DSXGM only $ at EasyEDA components online store LCSC. Crystals|SMD Crystals datasheet, inventory and pricing. Type. DSXG. Frequency・Range. ・to・9MHz 9・to・MHz ・to・11MHz 11・to・12MHz 12・to・20MHz 20・to・27MHz 27・to・64MHz. Overtone・Order. Cheap package dhl, Buy Quality crystal boutonniere directly from China crystal baking Suppliers: KDS DSXG series SMD Crystal 48MHZ 48M Resonator.

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It is a guaranteed term because it obtains an excellent soldering: Further,parts shall be solderd on substrate, fixed Aluminum materials about g. However when too much shock is added according to a certain cause, the use after a characteristic check is recommended.

Sine waves of 1. C perform the attached Reflow conditions to reference. C 10 s s 60 s Total time: C 30min 1 cycle However please consult in advance about other washing liquid. C 3cycles 18times drop from cm heights to concrete. Be sure to have a mounting test in advance ds321g using the actual mounting machine and check that the characteristics of the products are not damaged by the automatic mounting.

Please refrain from forming patterns between crystal land pattern’s since dsx21g is a possibility to cause crack in base.


3225 8m 4p Passive crystal KDS DSX321G 8MHZ ceramic surface patch crystal original import

Underfilling Material for DSXG Types,KDS considers underfilling material such as heat-cured resin would not affect the characteristics of the DSXG crystal mounted, however, we recommend the crystal be tested and checked in such a case prior to use so that there are the possibility that dsx312g crystal may have a cap off or a crack in the ceramic base.

C and no abnormality shall be observed in external appearance and sealing tightnen and others shall be based on ET of EIAJ. The empty embossed area which are sealed by cover-tape must remain more than 40mm. Mount the dsx231g on substrate.

Avoid using the product at temperature higher than specified.

C Transport Time min ? C and no abnormal appearance shall be observed. M Plating material of a terminal. The tip of cover-tape shall be fixed temporary by paper tape and roll around the core of reel one round. Reflow soldering shall be allowed only 3 times.

Please keep it in dks place which direct rays do not hit and dew condensation does not generate. Also, no serial bubble is observed by Fluorocarbon tests.

DSXG 25MHz from KDS Daishinku | Order your sample now

Although the check about ultrasonic washing is performed, since it is an examination with a simple substance, the check for the second time by the use state is recommended.


After all products were packaged, must remain more than twenty pieces or mm empty area, which should be sealed by cover-tape. In the process where the boad is warped, such as board separation process, be careful that the warping does not influence the characteristics and soldering of crystal products. C and no abnormality shall be observed in external appearance and sealing tightness and others shall be based on ET of EIAJ.

A clearance between the soldering terminal portion and a print circuit board side should be less than 0. Apply the following pressure Weight: Since mounting by Ultrasonic welding and processing have a possibility of an excessive vibration spreading inside a crystal resonator and becoming the cause of characteristic deterioration and not oscillating, it does not recommend. Glass Epoxy 1 cycle: In the upper and lower part and the opening in box it shall be protected products using aircushion sheets.

Please use it below with the value specified on a catalog and specifications.