Computer savvy sorcerer Ravirn learns that not every world is user friendly in this WebMage novel from Kelly McCullough. In the 21st century, magic has. MythOS (WebMage, book 4) by Kelly McCullough – book cover, description, publication history. Read “MythOS” by Kelly McCullough with Rakuten Kobo. Computer savvy sorcerer Ravirn learns that not every world is user friendly in this.

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The deep pocket beneath held a sub-notebook. You’ve successfully reported this review. Whatever the case, the technospeak has not previously klly an issue for this technophobe, and wasn’t a big one here. A good job of juggling two different mythologies while still maintaining the computing metaphoras well as the plot and characterizations. The abacuses had stopped clicking.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. It’s a very creative addition and it’s what originally made me want to read this book.

MythOS (WebMage, book 4) by Kelly McCullough

Then I winked at her. If I get a good idea that I think mccullouhg be fun to write there may well be more WebMage somewhere down the line.

If you’ve enjoyed the others in the series, you should enjoy this as well. It was a little too fast and abrupt and left so many questions unanswered.

He blinked several times, looking thoughtful. He gave me a thumbs-up out of sight of his video pickups and I relaxed.

Hopefully story threads will be resolved in the final volume. He evolves from a college student with little sense of responsibility to someone thinking of the benefit to the greater pantheoverse, albeit with the quirky twist of chaos.

Oct 20, Gareth Otton rated it liked it Shelves: The role reversal made me nervous. The raven that covered the laptop pocket where he lay hidden.

I still plan on picking up the next book, though because I can’t mytuos to find out what happens next. When I touched the place where magic and blood were one and the same—the inner chaos inherited from my Titan ancestors—a great black shadow fell over me like kccullough cloud passing mgthos the Earth and the bright moon above.


Dec 17, Peter Millane rated it it was amazing. May 11, Doris rated it it was ok. This is the fourth book in myhos Ravirn series, and like the others, a very enjoyable read.

The cavern with its abacuses and falling silver sphere was gone, replaced by a dying lawn under a westering sun and a stately gothic cathedral. I was debating on my rating and thought twice, since this book really hit a whole new level I am giving mccullougn a five. Overall the writing is pretty good. Firelight flared from the direction Tisiphone had gone—her internal flames leaping high.

I like that Tisiphone is finally showing truer, more forgiving, more HUMAN character traits and that her decision to stay in the Norse pantheon gives her a weakness in that tough shell. It mccyllough streaks of really great reading, but I fell asleep while reading it – twice! Quickly but cautiously I scooped up Melchior—he was stiff in my arms.

MythOS | Kelly McCullough

I also really enjoy this representation of Loki and his children as they try to thwart the fate that Ragnarok decrees they will I think this may be my favorite installment of the Webmage series. Between magical soul-signatures and encryption, a goblin-to-goblin link is basically impossible to spoof. There is cursing, but reasonable for hackers.

Picture of you will, a Greek mythos that includes cyberpunk and a very clever hacker who gets suddenly shoved into a Norse mythos.

Kelly McCullough

Refresh and try again. In this new reality, it is the Norse pantheon rather than the Greek pantheon that rule over creation. In the 21st century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital. Not to mention a second pair of eyes examining my code. I liked binary—something was either a one or a zero, none of this spooky both and neither.

Hades is never the right place. I’m a long-time fan of Thor, so I was all set to cheering on Thor, Odin, and booing Loki and his lot. If I could, I’d give different sections a different number of stars. I feared she might kill me out of hand in her current state.


I’d read this book again. Tisiphone the Fury, my sometime-foe, sometime-lover. If he were only content to let himself be used. Unlike Ravirn’s home reality, this pantheoverse is a universe, rather than a multiverse, which means there’s only one possible outcome for any particular event. He is the author of the WebMage and Fallen Blade series. Which leads to reason two: She extended the claws of her right hand and sliced them through the air to open a gate into chaos as I had opened one out of chaos earlier.

More prone to take risks like, oh, say…cracking Necessity. When the light came back, everything was different, as if someone had changed the sets during the blackout between acts, someone with a very strange sense of humor. It is interesting and never ever dull, its a fast read that I love and can’t wait to see more of. Great Aunt Atropos, one of the three Fates, decides that humans having free will is really overrated and plans to rid herself of the annoyance— by coding a spell into the Fate Core, the server that rules destiny.

But now, Necessity — the sentient computer that runs the universe — has caught a virus that crashes most of the magical Internet, and Ravirn is tasked with fixing it. In the twenty-first century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital, and Ravirn, a direct descendant of one of the three Fates, is a talented sorcerer — and computer hacker extraordinaire. The first half I’d give 3.