The Keuzegids shows an excellent score for the Maastricht law programmes. Both the bachelor programmes in Tax Law and European. De Keuzegids is een onafhankelijke gids die alle erkende opleidingen in Nederland De Keuzegids wordt samengesteld door het Centrum Hoger Onderwijs. The Keuzegids Master’s programmes is published annually by the Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (C.H.O.I., English name Centre Higher Education.

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Bevrijdende en begrenzende soevereiniteit Tuesday, December 11, The seals may be the icing on the cake, but we do want to emphasize that we work hard on the cake as a whole.

Keuzegids – Wikipedia

We are excited about our score and the ongoing appreciation of the students. Wel is er een jaarlijkse editie van Hoger onderwijs in Vlaandereneen uitgave van de vrije centra voor leerlingenbegeleiding.

Strong improvement The average score of the master programmes at the University of Twente has gone up considerably: This professorship is housed within the Department of Public Law.

Inhoud [ bewerken ] Het aanbod en de kwaliteit van het onderwijs per groep verwante studies staat in de gids centraal.

It shows that sutdents appreciate our work. Laurens van der Velde. Zie de gebruiksvoorwaarden voor meer informatie. Also Applied Physics 80 points and Chemical Engineering 78it is a continuation of the quality seal. We are now already looking forward for new opportunities”, says programme director dr.


Dutch Higher Education Guide 2019: UG-programmes strong at the top

The score for the geoinformation programme is 92, which is exceptionally high for a programme with over students, CHOI stated. And finally, the bachelor in Dutch Law makes a leap forwards and scores an excellent third place of ten compared programmes. What are the kezegids requirements? Utrecht University takes the results of the Keuzegids in consideration for its continuing development of education programmes.

The bachelor programme in Dutch Law climbs to a very good third place. Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. Is there an interview? At the overall ranking of fulltime universities, the University of Twente has taken the second spot, right behind Wageningen University 68 points. A new feature this year is that there is an overview of starting salaries for every field of expertise, with an indication compared to other degree programmes.

De eerste versie van de Keuzegids verscheen in september Thursday 8 March At an institutional level, Utrecht University ranks fifth place in the ranking of nine general universities, like last year. The University of Groningen is ranked as the best general university. Students are – above average – satisfied with their teachers, the study programme and the studyability of their programme.

In Vlaanderen bestaat geen vergelijkbare keuzegids.

Content and Job-market Perspectives Aside from the quality assessments, the Keuzegids Ondwrwijs programmes also offers information on the contents and selection of a Master’s programme: THe results were welcomed with delight at the various faculties. We have intensified contacts between students and their study advisor.

The bachelor European Law School rose to the top of the list again after a second place last year.


This site uses cookies. Vlaanderen [ bewerken ] In Vlaanderen bestaat geen vergelijkbare keuzegids. They are constantly pushing to improve, in close collaboration with the students. In the Keuzegids Master’s Programmes Dutch study choice guide12 Master’s degree programmes of Utrecht University are in first place in their fields. The University of Twente may proudly present excellent scores in the new edition of the Keuzegids. It is a huge challenge to implement a major change in our programme and, at the same time, keep student appreciation on a high level.

Eight master programmes received the quality seal ‘Top rated programme’.

University Colleges: alle negen ‘top’ – Keuzegids

De laatste wordt veel gebruikt door scholen en instellingen, om alle leerlingen of studenten toegang te verschaffen. Skip to main content.

The close involvement of both staff and students in that process is remarkable. As a Top onderrwijs programme, they are an inspiration for all os us. Skip to main content. Earlier, the University of Twente was announced Best Technical University in the Netherlands for the bachelor programmes, in the Keuzegids for master programmes, the UT has climbed to a second spot in the ranking of all fulltime universities.