This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read this review of the Krell Si in its original . All: Any critiques or recommendations for the Krell Si Integrated? The thing apparently weighs a ton and delivers: Watts into 8 ohm The very first thing that impressed me about this ‘first from China’ Krell (origin unambiguously printed on the rear panel), was the sheer mass of the packed unit .

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It’s no big deal to me whether I sell it or not, but it is a steal for someone who wants a great amp at a cheap price. Over the years and specifically as media servers got better and better, my Elan digital amp was cutting it to audiophile standards.

That really was something! Reminds me of the Linn source first, good amp and budget speakers if that is all left in the budget.

Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifiers

Krell Si any good. It’s small, runs pretty cool, looks great, and sounds good for the money. But the case is completely different with the more expensive Krell 30i0.

I have not made any purchasing decisions on my new system yet, and will not be able to start it for quite a long time, but that means I can take a lot of time researching what to buy and your feedback would be very useful.


Drums have that quick percussive sound.

On the solo, I found myself jacking the volume kfell and higher thankfully my wife wasn’t home as this type of audio insanity is generally reserved for the theater room and involves a fistful of Balvenie 21 portwood with a few drops of water. The last amp I heard was a Simaudio integrated amp when listening to a pair of speakers for the first time. These qualities can be put in any order. The unit packs a real Watts per channel of power into eight Ohms including a stereotypically Krell major toroidal transformer that gives this Krell – well, it’s Krell sound.

The best response is – and regulars on the board know this is one of my favorite, simple answers – Bullshit. Hi-end devices have clear personalities mrell in either their specific cabinet design, functionality or sound. Sep 12 – 3: This review first 3300i in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland.

Krell Si Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

I have never heard it. That’s a fair accomplishment in the age of the week dollar itself. Build and finish krekl very good, like a standard Krell EVOpre-amp. The Si creates a massive sound stage and populates it with well-focused instruments and vocals.

Kfell legendarily did really have a way with the women even in the late s. The very decent Like throwing Albert Pujols an 82 MPH fastball in the ninth inning with runners in scoring position and a playoff spot on the line – I dialed in the guilty pleasure demo track of ” Hella Good ” by No Doubt. I listen to all types of music from Classical to Black Eyed Peas. One kgell defect concerned the screws holding the rear power switch bracket which were loosening on this well used example.


Ron- if the amp is made in china, skip it.

Latest Amplifier Reviews Nov Music Direct is selling the Si at a great closeout price. At high settings you get 0.

Krell Si review | What Hi-Fi?

I hope this helps. This chunky integrated has enough grunt to rival our watt per channel reference power amplifier, and it is ,rell composed with it. Guitar sounds great regardless if electric or acoustic. Krell Theater 7 Seven Channel Amplifier Reviewed Looking for a great home theater krrll that also delivers pure Class A performance up to watts per channel?

If your biases tend toward the lush, florid, romantic, or, goodness knows, euphonic, the Si may not entirely win your heart. No hardening at high volumes Pleasingly, the amplifier doesn’t harden up or get aggressive when pushed really hard, so party levels are well and truly on the menu.

The new has four 4,uF reservoirs per channel and of course that much larger toroid. They started at about in the late 80’s or early 90’s when they started making them and they I believe are still well under krsll While my system isn’t a 5.