PDF | Verbal-textual hostility plays a significant role in victims’ These are Demonisation, Sexualisation, Expatriation and Terrorisati on (see. Yet few have wrestled with, or solved the challenges raised by verbal-textual hostility, whether as Sexualisation % % Sexual organs, sexual. acts. As was shown in Table , central to the verbal-textual hostility recorded in the Demonisation % % % % Sexualisation % % %.

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Stephanie Farnsworth is a freelance writer and journalist.

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This post comes at a time when we hear about year-old girls being given the birth-control jab or had contraceptive implants inserted at school without their parent’s consent. A further 7, girls have been given contraception at family planning clinics. The obsession with sex corrodes conversations around gender too. I’m trying to think what else society is doing to tolerate such sexual language at a young age.

She probably hasn’t heard this phrase before, but she won’t want to appear embarrassed. My automatic reaction is no, but this is probably due to the thought of year-olds discussing such sexualised topics.

And there, is the verbal sexualisation of an year-old. Erasure of this kind still exists today, as social media keeps showing us with viral posts of straight people assuming women are besties pa of partners.

The Verbal Sexualisation of an 11-Year-Old

We cannot control what every child sees on the internet, however much we try. Her writing focuses upon identity and intersectional feminism. Lessons focus on jargon and the description of birth process. Our elevation of sex in society means that sexuality has become the centre of our identity — and we get obnoxiously flimsy narratives applied to queer lives, as a result. A survey by The Telegraph revealed that school nurses have given implants or jabs to over year olds.


Throughout history, women in same gender relationships were completely erased. There are romantic identities for one thing and these never get spoken about.

Tumblr has for years verba,e the much-maligned platform that somehow managed to stand its ground They know how to use Google. What do I get from it? Children readily have access to the meaning of words they hear at school, sexualisatin sites such as ‘urban dictionary’ which expose gruesome terms and the ability to surf sexual-related topics online. But with increasing peer pressure around them, they cover up their lack of knowledge of the terms by simply agreeing or carrying on the conversation.

Arguably, the increased numbers in teen pregnancy has given society a reason to expose children to sex at a young age. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t acceptable to be a teen mum, or to discuss oral sex in a crude way at the age of This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Want to write for us? But where has the benchmark shifted from innocence to sex? Verbal Remedy empowering the next generation of socially conscious writers. Kids are exposed to sex education in year five or six, learning about the scientific nature of the act. Did I hear this language being used at that age?


We have no control about what young children talk about with each other, over text or online, however much we like to think it is innocent.

Girls don’t want to be ridiculed, so they play along. Notify me of new posts by email. Trans people are routinely policed for their sexuality. Will it gain them popularity? The questions are usually about open relationships which are conflated with polyamorous relationshipsgroup sex and navigating sexual jealousy.


They say that it is between the ages of 13 and 16 that children should begin to use sexual language with peers – and yet it is increasingly happening earlier. Don’t forget to download our blogging guidelines below.

There are constant interrogations regarding whether sexualisatiom were aware that they were transgender before sleeping with them. Girls were reported to have been ‘annoyed and mystified’ by boy’s requests.

Why do I need it? Children use sexualised phrasing and appear ‘confident’ to cover up a lack of confidence in that area. When children are exposed to language and topics that are indecent, they experiment with the meaning. The report’s findings, ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’, showed that just ‘saying no’ or ignoring these comments, can sometimes become more complicated causing the pressures to intensify. She’s likely to laugh it off instead of ignoring him.

Yet, within the community itself, everything evolves around proudly being sexual. She doesn’t want to appear ‘uncool’. Queerness is defined by who we have sex with, which therefore means bisexual people have to pass a threshold of same gender partners and asexual celibate people never actually count.