Lalitha Ashtothram – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Shri Lalita Ashtothara Namavali – Names of Lalita Devi. transliterated and with translated meaning in English. Om Shri Matre Namaha |1| Salutations to the . This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. oṃ rajatācala śṛṅgāgra madhyasthāyai namaḥ.

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Who is the manifest and the unmanifest states. Who has taken position in the center of the rampartof fire constructed by Jvalamalinika.

Lalita Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Whose command an army of Saktis are intent on destroying Bhadasura the Asura being Ignorance, Lalitambika, the Atman, and the Saktis, the potencies of the Atman. Who loves offerings of rice mixed with ghee. Who loves to have offerings of all kinds of food.

Who is called Nalini, because her eyes, limbs etc. Who possesses supreme lordliness. The dust of whose feet are borne on their head by the Shruti Devatas Vedas personified as goddesseswho prostrate before Her and thereby colour Her feet with the vermilion marks on their foreheads.


Who is the victorious. Who is the bliss realized through Yoga. Retrieved from ” https: From the ashes emanated Bhandasura, who made all the world impotent and ruled from the city called Shonita pura.

Who is without passions. Who is beyond all differences.

Lalitha Ashtothram

Who is the full moon that sets up the tides of good fortune. Who can never be sublated. Who is lalitga queen ruling over all beings sentient and insentient.

Who is Bhaga-malini excellences lordliness, righteousness, glory, beauty, omniscience and detachment. Who is the mistres of all the kalas. The radiance of whose smile inundates the mind of Kamesvara, Her consort.

This divine couple is named as Kameshwari and Kameswara. Who puts an end to evil ways. Who presides over flesh in living creatures. Who is Herself the learned. Who is the first born. Whose function is to destroy the universe.

Hayagreeva is an incarnation tdlugu Vishnu with the head of a horse who is held to be the storehouse of knowledge. Who is radiant as a thousand suns rising together. Who is referred to as Ayi dear one. Who counters by Her own missiles the rain of missiles directed against Her by Bhadnasura.


This has been conveyed to us by the sage Maharishi Vyasa.

Sri Lalitha Ashtothram | Day 5 of Dussehra – video dailymotion

Who is Vidya, the knowledge that gives spiritual enlightenment. She killed all his army using Paashupathastra and killed him with Kameshwarasthra. Who is without any duality. Who is fond of music. Who can be won over through true devotion.

Who is present at holy seat or Odyana or who dwells in the Agya Chakra. Ashtami chandra vibhraja dalikasthala shobhita Mukhachandra kalankabha mruganabhi visheshaka. Who destroys demons who embody the forces of evil.