Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***. June 20, This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. Written in the s. Mathematics for the Million has ratings and 20 reviews. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this. “It makes alive the contents of the elements of mathematics.”—Albert Einstein. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads .

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But a familiarity with algebraic manipulation is necessary almost from the outset.

It is destined to end, as does all priestcraft, in superstition. By the end of the book we meet almost all the mathematics that was then part of advanced mathematics in British schools prior to university. The narrative here is very much centred on the application of mathematics through history.

In dealing with the immense complexity of his social life man has lanceelot yet begun to apply inventiveness to the rational planning of ordinary language when describing different kinds of institutions and human behavior.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mathematics for the Million: Can I get through this? That line only leads to mysticism.

Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***

I keep this around as a basic text. Jose rated it liked it Jun 12, It is carefully constructed in terms of increasing levels of mathematical demands and starts with simple arithmetic and geometry and ends with applications of the calculus and a final chapter on statistics and probability. Because Diderot had no knowledge of algebra, he conceded the debate and walked o Okay, a book on math that’s over pages long!


The striking thing about the book is that the mathematics is presented from the outset as an historical development. Quotes on lancelit from Einstein and H.

Hogben Mathematics For The Million

As a new regular feature of the HPM Newsletter, members of the HPM community will be asked to name a book or books, or a paper that has been important to them and to give their reasons for this. Although I always feel slightly hard done by as a result of the assertion in the title, as there are certainly things here I know that aren’t wrong I mean, come on, the first corrected piece of ‘knowledge’ is that ‘The Earth is only 6, years old’ and I can’t imagine many lancelo will ‘know’ thatit’s a handy format to provide what are often surprisingly little snippets of information that are very handy for ‘did you know’ conversations down the ghe or showing up your parents if you’re a matheamtics reader.

I have to stop to think about most of the pages and even go to the dictionary and look up some of the words.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mar 23, Wm rated it it was amazing Shelves: For its mathematical content, I would certainly recommend the book to any budding mathematician.

I think it will take me a year to finish this book.

Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Thomas Hogben – Google Books

I haven’t finished this book, so this review can’t be considered complete, but the thing I noticed the most about the introduction is that the author subscribes to a naive and quite arrogant Whig His illuminating explanation is addressed to the person who wants to understand the place of mathematics in modern civilization but who Both spoke against the then fashionable idea of eugenics.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Because Diderot had no knowledge of algebra, he conceded the debate and walked out. Preview — Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Hogben.

Mathematics for the Million

HPM Newsletter history and pedagogy of mathematics. Mathematics is the langu Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus.

First published in and reprinted several times since, Hogben’s book took everybody’s worst subject and explained it in a way that made it comprehensible to the average person.

Finally, a word about Hogben himself, which would have impressed me even more had I known it at the time I read his book. During the First World War he served as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in France but after his decision to leave the Front and return to Cambridge he was imprisoned in as a conscientious objector.

Fill in your details below mathematids click an icon to log in: As Baggott points out, you could easily think that string theory was the only game in town when it comes to the ultimate challenge in physics, finding a way to unify the currently incompatible general matehmatics of relativity and quantum theory.

The language of everyday life is clogged with sentiment, and the science of human nature has not advanced so far that we can describe individual sentiment in a clear way.