Whether you are a lessor or a lessee, the Régie du logement proposes some models Lease. The landlord has the right to receive the total amount of the rent. Version en français – L’audition à la régie du logement has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters relating to the lease, as long as the amount requested does. The Régie du logement is a provincial body that supervises the residential rental market and applies Quebec’s housing laws and regulations. Its responsibilities.

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Resumption of parking space. A question may be considered new for the purposes of the appeal, where it raises an original, unexpected or innovative character A question of general interest refers to a group of interest as opposed to a particular interest.

Régie du logement

We assist you in the preparation of your housing management files and write your correspondence and demands. An owner who wishes to carry out an improvement or major non-emergency repair in a dwelling must notify the tenant within the time prescribed by law.

Suivez nous Follow rsgie facebook twiter google-flus link-in. Owners or landlords and their rregie janitors, managers must be particularly careful in their dealings with tenants so that they do not feel harassed.


Peaceful enjoyment of leased premises.

Leases | Éducaloi

You don’t have to travel to Montreal or Quebec City to file a request. Non-renewal happens when a This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. Outline Index Category Portal. You are about to visit a Quebec website. Can a person who buys the building force the tenant to leave?

Leave your message and we’ll respond within 24 hours. How should the application be notified? Contact us at to discuss your situation. Expert Evidence A report by an expert that is relevant to the dispute and relates to your apartment can be entered as evidence. The request must be made within these time limits: Abandonment of housing pogement eviction of the tenant.


The Régie du logement (rental board)

Do not change the shape or destination of the dwelling Rights: For example, an interesting question is the rights and obligations of landlords or tenants.

Print Facebook Twitter Email. In addition to the documents you want to submit as evidence, be sure that you or your mandatary bring a copy of your lease and any notices of changes the lease. Request the cancellation of the lease see cancellation of the lease in case of logeemnt of rent or in case of non-compliance with the obligations of the lease see non-payment of rent 2.

Crimes, Tickets and Fines.

At the hearing, you must bring proof of notification of the application if you are the one who made the applicationand all the evidence needed to prove your case. People getting some kinds of government financial assistance don’t have to pay the fees, as long as they provide proof that they are getting this assistance. Its responsibilities include making decisions on requests submitted to it, informing people of their rights and obligations under residential leases and logment good relations between landlords and tenants.


A witness must have direct and personal knowledge of the facts. This information is usually written in Section G of the lease. A residential lease is a contract between the landlord and tenant.

This relationship is structured around a lease contract that determines the obligations of each party. In these situations, the tenant might have a right to be compensated with money. Print Facebook Twitter Email. Crimes, Tickets and Fines.

Keep the dwelling clean 5. At the beginning of the hearing, both people involved in the case and any witnesses must promise to tell the truth. Leave us a message, we will find a solution. Crimes, Tickets and Fines.