2 Reprinted for Kundalini Awakening Systems 1. KUNDALINI-. PSYCHOSIS OR TRANSCENDENCE? Lee Sannella, M.D.. Washington Street. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening, and a growing number have had firsthand experience — in Lee Sannella. With me today in the studio is Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder .

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She started to have more spontaneous body movements but the pain and fear lessened and feelings of ecstasy and bliss increased during meditation.

There it became nown as kundalini-bodhana or the “awakening of the kundalini. She immediately went on to the second painting in this series. Rather they are subtle, esoteric phenomena to be experienced and understood only in a meditative state.

These two healers illustrate extremes of self-discipline. No sooner had his teacher finished the arithmetical question than he blurted out the answer.

Likewise, we are positively affected by being in the presence of a happy individual. We can understand this process as being analogous to the phenomenon of electricity. I walked and studied at night and performed my earthly tasks of being a mother and housewife during the day.

The uniform aspects of the kundalini experience, furthermore, are a potent indication that the experience is not illusory but real. The tingling sensations spread to her neck, upward over the e ad, down to the forehead and face.

Some of them were witnessed by police officers. Language structures our experience. Thus, in its ascent, the kundalini causes the central nervous system to throw off stress.

swnnella Psychosomatic Heat Heat, as psychosomatic heat, makes its appearance in numerous religious traditions of the world.

These flows, he feels, revitalize him and have even cured him of chronic lower back pain.


The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence

She quickly developed tingling and occasional stocking-type numbness in her left foot and leg. Although the original version of this book was written with medical practitioners in mind, it was widely read by many non- specialists. The entire cosmos was on fire The evolutionary potential of the kundalini process has nowhere been vocalized more than in the writings of Gopi Krishna As it ascends in it, the different centers become fhe and, according to some authorities, they actually come into existence only at that moment.

In his day-to-day life, family and friends experienced him as more relaxed. This was followed by an infinite peace in infinite space.

Female Artist-Teacher I first saw this forty-five-year-old woman ten years ago. In the course of its upward sannela, the kundalini is held to encounter all kinds of impurities that are burned off by its dynamic activity. There is no inner dialogue experiencr, if called upon to speak, there is great precision of language that is much more directly satisfying than her usual speech. She experienced great rapture and ecstatic orgasmic sensations until she began experienfe tire of this hyperstimulation of her nervous system.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella

One evening, while preparing for bed, she began to shiver uncontrollably. She consulted several doctors, including neurologists. This best demonstrates the self-directing behavior of the aroused kundalini. I developed a frightening yogic symptom in mid that put me in a coronary care unit for three days.

He kundqlini felt a sensation of a hole being bored into his forehead. But it is essentially a Power of Consciousness That in itself could be an argument for the objective nature of the kundalini process.

He would, for instance, smell perfumes during meditation, taste nectar, and ex- perience kujdalini. Three years later she became involved in the study of the dreams and drawings of children and even completed an impressive manuscript on this theme. At times her eyes seemed to move separately, and the pupils felt like holes that bored into her head and met in the center.


Jung contended that this beast is the symbol of the kundalini, the force that, in psychological terms, obliges a expefience to go on his or her greatest adventure—the adventure of self-knowledge. Throughout the protracted experience, this woman understood that she was undergoing a kundalini awakening, since she had read about this phenomenon before.

Why is the transformative process possible at all? At this time she was sure that she knew what people were thinking, and many of her impressions were confirmed. Then the energy curves over the skull, and with the expired experiebce begins its downward path. He found it incredibly difficult to restrain himself from attempting a violent assault.

With the death of Itzhak Bentov in and Pandit Gopi Krishna inkundalini research has lost its most ardent advocates. He witnessed the baby toenails on both his feet falling off the same night. Tricia Behan added it Aug 11, The light came out of the body and re-entered it again at different points.

Yet, clearly, the emotional aspect of psychophysiological trans- formation must not be underrated, for it is the source of the personal meanings that each individual experiences in relation to the transformative process. It was very beautiful. It was a question about whether the experience should be permitted to continue. By contrast, a less disciplined, more freewheeling psychic orientation, emphasizing trance states, entities, and similar phenomena, tends to induce atypical kundalini activity.

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