LEGO set database: King Kahuka’s Throne. Find great deals for Lego – King Kahuka’s throne. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Pirates Islanders King Kahuka’s Throne (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I have used these zebra-print tiles many times for MOCs, as they make a great exotic detail piece. Let’s join the Pirates as they try to steal the sacred treasure from the Islanders’ hands. Makes me want to go to ebay and buy it now! They are a nice change from the regular pirate versus soldiers that is the norm. For example, the zebra print tile, as well as the pirate flag nowadays would almost certainly be stickered.

This is a feature that I liked in the manual, it shows an overhead view of the baseplate so it’s much easier to find where to put the piece. It connects on a 1×2 tile with a stud in the middle for easy removal. First, The Pirates’ Boat Legoo boat is really nice.

First of all it contains a large amount of very useful minifigs. The backside The complete set!


LEGO King Kahuka’s Throne Set 6262

Thanks for the great review. The rock face is very well built.

I certainly could have used this feature in last year’s Aquabase Invasion set. Posted November 11, The zebra print tribal drum This is simple but nice.

I feel the same way about the Islanders sets Brickster.

Peeron: King Kahuka’s Throne (#)

What a great review of an excellent set. Posted December 23, edited. The older LEGO sets have a really different look to them than the new sets, and I think it’s nice to have a mix of new and old.

This set is pretty standard as Islanders go, but it is such a cool subtheme that I don’t care a bit. He makes an appearance in my Medium entry. It won’t be easy, King Kahuka and his loyal warriors closely guard the treasure 24 hours a day. Erdbeereis1, I’ve had a quick look your review and I must say it’s quite superb!

I think the colors and the design make it really feel like a different part of the Lebo world. I think it would be interesting to see some new Islanders sets released in the new pirate line to see how TLC would make them. Register a new account. As I’ve already said somewhere on this forum, this is the largest Islander set I own and therefore my favourite. Thanks, and happy building! A Picture Inside The Manual This is a feature that I liked in the manual, it shows an overhead view of the baseplate so it’s much easier to find where to put the piece.


The lovely rock head I think this is wonderful. Outstanding review as well. It connects on a ldgo tile with a stud in the middle for easy removal Here is the treasure that the Pirates seek The treasure rests on tiles inside of the rock.

Bricker – Construction Toy by LEGO King Kahuka’s Throne

And now, the main part levo the set, the throne! This is definitely a great set with a nice build and great minifigs. It is well built with grey slopes, curved pieces for the mouth and nose, headlight bricks for the eyes and feathers and horns for detail.

I don’t think I would enjoy Lego as much if I didn’t have a decent amount of kits from pre A nice selection here.