LEICA GPS Spider. The reference station software is known as LEICA GPS Spider. It is required to operate the GRX Series receivers. Use. Operating. User Manual. All instructions required in order to operate the product to a .. Configuring a GRX Pro/GRX GG Pro for Connecting a. NTRIP Server. Leica GRX Pro Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Leica GRX Pro User Manual.

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Refer to “Establish a PPP connection step-by-step” below.

Wet or damp batteries must be dried before storing or use. Care And Transport Always carry the product in its transport container and secure it. Warning This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules.

Type Setting IP address Page majual IP address. Index AC, power supply unit PUK code as password.

Start the Survey application program. The content of the file does not matter, but the filename has to be exactly GetConfig. YES F4 to continue with the formatting of the selected device.

If no, continue with step Page NiCd battery Highlight Communication cable between two computers. Guidelines for Correct Results Undisturbed satel- Successful GNSS surveys require undisturbed satellite signal reception, especially lite signal recep- at the receiver which serves as a reference.

Special features To operate for specific reference station applications, the GRX Series is, compared with the other GPS receivers, equipped with some special features. Page 75 Remote interface One language is chosen as the active language. Page 71 Step Description This step-by-step instruction starts with the last window of the previous chapter. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


An air terminal is a pointed solid or tubular rod of conducting material with proper mounting and connection to a conductor.


Although the product meets the strict regulations and standards which are in force in this respect, Leica Geosystems cannot completely exclude the possibility that the product may be disturbed by very intense electromagnetic radiation, for example, near radio transmitters, two-way radios or diesel generators.

Insert and remove The CompactFlash card is inserted into a slot inside of battery compartment A on the a CompactFlash front of the receiver.

The index is at the back of the manual. Connect the modem to port P1 of the receiver using a modem cable. Page 77 The receiver is ready to accept an incoming call from a remote application. Select Communications cable between two computers COM Mqnual Compatibility Emc Warning Electromagnetic radiation can cause disturbances in other equipment.

Refer to “8 Technical Data” for information on technical data.

Leica GRX Pro Manuals

The status header at the top of the window shows important status kser. None Must be configured using the RX Page Index AC, power supply unit If you do not agree to all or some of the terms of such licence agreement, you may not download, install or use Page 42 Step Format a Compact- Formatting the CompactFlash card before logging data is started is required if a Flash card step-by- completely new CompactFlash card is used or if all existing data needs to be step deleted.


Cable connection Cable connections are identical to other GPS receivers. Page Clip-on-housing, description Page 33 Displays the real-time device configured to be used and its status.

This window comes up Position of the icons on the screen Page Although the product meets in combination with radio or digital cellular phone devices recommended by Leica Geosystems the strict regulations and standards which are in force in this respect, Leica Usef cannot completely exclude the possibility that other equipment may be disturbed or that humans or animals may be affected. Page 3 Important paragraphs which must be adhered to in practice as they enable the product to be used in a technically correct and efficient manner.

Leica GRX1200 Pro Manuals

Tap on the item. User Manual Version 4.

Select as Maximum Port Speed. Carrier phase smoothed code measurements: This is valid for RX The system software enables a maximum of three languages which can be stored at any one time – the English language and two other languages. Caution There is a risk that disturbances may be caused in other equipment if the product is This can cause fire or explosions. Page 43 YES F4 to lleica with the formatting of the selected device.