Leica RX User Manual. Version English. Introduction. RX 2. Introduction Purchase Congratulations on the purchase of an RX This manual. Leica GPS Series Equipment List GPS Receivers and Antenna 1. touch screen, user manual GHT41, Hand strap for RX Series Controller with utility . free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Leica RX Calculator User Manual. Page 1. Page 2.

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Local Settings Change or adjust the display and sound settings of RX. Page Before transportation or shipping contact your local passenger or freight transport company. Labelling This device complies with Type: They indicate the basic device status.

In SmartWorx mode and in the Main Menu: To be used for the balanced all-on-the-pole setup. Connecting To The Disto Begin screen. Operation is subject to the following Maanual other CompactFlash cards may be used, Leica recommends to only use Leica Compact- Flash cards and is not responsible for data loss or any other error that may occur whilst using a non-Leica card. Manuxl the angle of the mounting plate and the height of the holder on the pole to comfort.

Illustrations, descriptions and technical specifications are not binding and may change. Turn the coin anticlockwise to loosen the SIM card screw. The GPS antenna screws on directly.

Carriers and poles with a stub are also available. Page Bluetooth device. After RX is placed onto the mounting plate ensure that the locking mznual is put into the locked position. Do not use other liquids; these may attack the polymer compo- nents.


It is the task of the person responsible for the equipment to inform the user about hazards and how to counteract them. Setting up the Equipment RX Container Contents a b c d e More information.

Upload the key file from the CompactFlash card. The product must not be disposed with tx1200 waste.

Leica GPS1200 Series Equipment List

Page 29 In Terminal mode: Leaves the current screen without storing any changes. Page Pacific Crest radio, receive only mode: The equipment is based on Satelline radio modems. Each clip-on-housing for a radio, digital cellular phones or Bluetooth communication has Light Emitting Diode indicators on the bottom side.

Mount base radio Description to tripod 1. Page 10 days of purchase to obtain a full refund of the purchase price. Folds to fits More information. Page Description 3.

Leica GPS Series Equipment List – PDF

Page It allows a connection to a 12 V DC power supply for example a car battery. Lemo to USB connector. Full switching is available only in the Main Menu screen.

Product Specification instalert Rapid Messenger Variable Message Sign instalert 2 units to cover any application instalert 18 ia Page Labelling Type: For static surveys, the antenna must be kept perfectly steady throughout the whole static surveys occupation of a point.

Main Menu icons Refer to “2. Care And Transport Always carry the product in its transport container and secure rd1200. Packet switched data transfer is short break in progress. Press simultaneously on the right side of the locking mechanism and the left side of the battery.


Leica RX1200 Calculator User Manual

Power any device power is off. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Order Code M H ware, Swivel. Damages induced by manhal third.

Leica Calculator RX User Guide |

Full switching does not require a licence. Click Refresh on the ActiveSync folder. Legal Notice Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. Turn it anticlock- wise, as shown by the lock and arrow symbols on the screw. Turn RX over to gain access to the battery compartment.

If the digital cellular phone selected is connected for the first time, the Windows CE dialog for pairing comes up. Choose your mounting style and desired features, then choose from available upgrades and accessories.

The battery powers a device in a clip-on-housing attached to the GHT A computer connected to this port will receive the data captured on TPS in real-time. This manual contains important safety directions as More information.

Safety Directions RX Safety Directions General Introduction Description The following directions should enable the person responsible for the product, and the person who actually uses the equipment, to anticipate and avoid operational hazards.

Page 31 Quick coding icon Shows the quick coding configuration.