The Government of Costa Rica through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications participated in the Workshop on Cybercrime Legislation in. (Ley Orgánica del Banco Central de Costa Rica), Law No. Let the third from last paragraph of Article 1 of Law No. , Financial Administration and. LEY DE FORTALECIMIENTO DE LAS FINANZAS PÚBLICAS. Expediente N. . A través de la historia, Costa Rica se ha dado a conocer como un país de alto desarrollo . de 16 de octubre de , se establecen reglas en cuanto al .

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Among the countries that are examined, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are federal states and Bolivia is a Plurinational State Estado Plurinacional de Boliviawhere reference will be made to liquid resources at the federal or national level. In only 3 of the 17 countries reviewed Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica have all institutions under current regulation been incorporated into the TSA. This chapter presents the current status of TSA implementation in 17 countries: Oreamuno, 25 de junio del The extradition of perpetrators is conducted through the rules of the Montevideo Convention on Extradition, and the respective extradition treaty with the country where the offender is being prosecuted.

This disadvantage could be reduced, however, if cash is managed actively by maintaining minimum and stable balances at the central bank and investing excess cash in the commercial banks.

This structure enables funds to be consolidated through procedures known as cash pooling services. Most commonly, the arrangements are incorporated into either the general regulations of the law that establishes the TSA, the regulations governing the treasury subsystem, or the technical rules of the treasury subsystem. It is expected that the national Congress and the government of Costa Rica formally access the Budapest Convention under the course of the current administration.

Nearly all of these countries claim that the mixed model accounts operate as temporary mechanisms, until such time when more efficient collection and payments processes are available. In seven countries, more than 1, bank accounts are still held at commercial banks Figure 4.

Public Financial Management in Latin America : The Key to Efficiency and Transparency

The Computer Security and Incident Response Team CSIRT-CR of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, which was officially created in March is the official government entity that facilitates and coordinates matters on information security and cybercrime among government entities and financial institutions pertaining to the State.

The CSIRT-CR is composed of the heads of the main national Ministries and is the entity in charge of facilitating support and cooperation with administrative and judicial authorities for the investigation and prosecution on cybercrime and the coordination of activities and tasks within the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism CICTE of the Organization of the American States and Interpol.


The higher the hierarchy of the law that creates the TSA, the more stable its legal support will be. The objective of the chapter is to provide a synopsis of the experience of the countries of the region in developing or consolidating a TSA to support similar developments elsewhere in Latin America and in other regions.

De la segunda quincena de enero del a la primera quincena de mayo del Erick Hess Araya, Secretario Ejecutivo. Thus, they facilitate bookkeeping and the control of cash flows and balances, usually functions of bank accounts. This requires creating a treasury single account TSAwhich contributes to the efficient use and control of these financial resources.

Many countries in Latin America have recently made efforts to create a TSA to improve their financial management; 1 others, such as Argentina, Brazil, 2 and Colombia, established TSAs decades ago, although they are still seeking ways to manage them more efficiently.

De esta forma, lo que pretendemos con esta iniciativa es que se realicen inversiones con el objeto de expandir el Sistema Financiero y de esa forma rentabilizar el aporte del trabajador. Lastly, there are legal loopholes and opportunities for improvement based on best practices that could be included in a new law.

Intervention of private communications including the use of electronic means for purposes of the investigation of major crimes Chapter II Arts.

Se consideran infracciones a la presente ley las siguientes: Status regarding Budapest Convention Status: Facilitates coordination between fiscal and monetary policy.

Correos de Costa Rica S. It also acts as a catalyst and facilitator for cash management reform by transforming 81131 and allowing them to go beyond their traditional payer role to perform the lry of a modern financial manager by adopting efficient planning, forecasting, financing, and financial investment mechanisms, as well as actively managing cash. Cambio de uso divergente: Primera quincena de mayoprimera quincena de enerosegunda quincena de eneroprimera quincena de marzosegunda leey de junioprimera quincena de octubreprimera quincena de mayo La Junta Directiva Nacional.

The advantages include the elimination or substantial reduction of credit or counterparty risk and the prevention of moral hazard—risks that could be significant if the TSA were to be held at a commercial bank.

Costa Rica has a new government, which took office and officially commenced activities on May 8, Placing the TSA in the central bank has advantages and disadvantages Table 81331. Tener una conducta y una vida privada ejemplares para la sociedad costarricense. Best practice is to hold book entries in a government IFMIS, although it is possible to adopt a system whereby TSA subaccounts within the same bank function as book entries.


The following laws, regulations and decrees contain relevant provisions on computer and Internet related crime as explained in the sections of substantive and procedural law:.

The third section examines aspects of its conceptual design or structureusing the legal framework as a starting point, as this usually defines some basic features of the TSA in the countries. Por tanto mociono para que: The legal framework to investigate and prosecute cybercrime in Costa Rica is contained in the National Criminal Code and the Law on Intervention of Telecommunications. Elaborar informes sobre los casos investigados y remitirlos a la autoridad competente.

Puntarenas, 28 de lry del Primer quincena de enero del a la segunda quincena de abril del Oreamuno, 18 de junio del In Bolivia, for example, the number of mixed fiscal, payment, and collection accounts held at private banks is as high as 6, Failing to do so could result in the cancellation or revocation of their respective concession title or licence pursuant to the General Telecommunications Law Law No.

Power of national tribunals to authorize the registry, seizure or the analysis of any private document including e-mail communications when it may be deemed necessary in order to clarify criminal matters under their jurisdiction Art.


The high number of bank accounts is explained by providing all the necessary information for operational management, such as information on the lej bank, revenue sources, and earmarked resources. The examination lej with an analysis of the legal basis for the TSA, as it usually determines key features of the conceptual design, and is followed by an analysis of the aspects described in 831 previous paragraph. Furthermore, in countries that do apply book-entry accounting i.

Otras organizaciones deportivas legalmente constituidas. A la Asamblea General le corresponde lo siguiente: Puntos de muestreo y profundidades muestreadas en cada punto, indicando la matriz ambiental. De la primera quincena de noviembre del a la segunda quincena de abril del Melvin Rojas Ugalde, Director Ejecutivo ad interim.

At a minimum, coverage should include all central government entities and resources.