Balantidium coli is a cosmopolitan parasitic-opportunistic pathogen that can be Balantidium has a simple life cycle, as follows: dormant cyst to trophozoite and. Balantidium coli life cycle. Infection occurs when a host ingests a cyst, which usually happens during the consumption of contaminated. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Life cycle of Balantidium coli. from publication: 4. Parasitic Protozoa | Keywords:Protozoa and Parasites | ResearchGate.

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Infection occurs when a host ingests a cyst, which usually happens during the consumption of contaminated water or food. Following ingestion, excystation occurs in the small intestin. Living trophozoites and cysts are yellowish or greenish in color.

Balantidium Coli

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Enterobius Vermicularis – Pinworm. Trophozoites are released with the feces, and encyst to form new cysts. Retrieved from ” https: They are usually destroyed bslantidium a pH lower than five normal pH of a healthy stomach is about three. The opening, known as the peristome, at the pointed anterior end leads to the cytostome, or the mouth.


File:Balantidium LifeCycle.png

Views View Edit History. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Usually only the macronucleus and sometimes cilia and contractile vacuoles are visible in the cyst. Cysts are the parasite stage responsible for transmission of balantidiasis.

Some trophozoites invade the wall of the colon and multiply.

Converting file to superior PNG file. Retrieved from ” https: The macronucleus is bigger and sausage-shaped whereas the micronucleus is less notable. But in some cases the patient might have diarrheaweight loss and dysentery. There, excystation takes place. Perforation of colii colon may also occur in acute infections which can lead to life-threatening situations. Mesodiniea MesodiniumMyrionecta.

File:Balantidium – Wikimedia Commons

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Balantidium coli Balantidium coli trophozoite Scientific classification Domain: Wuchereria Bancrofti – Lymphatic Filariasis – Elephantiasis. Some return to the lumen and disintegrate. Trophozoites have both a micronucleus and a macronucleus, which both are normally visible.

Life Cycle of Balantidium coli

Cysts are rarely found. Trophozoites multiply by asexual binary fission or sexual conjugation with the exchange of nuclear material. Infective Balantidium coli cysts are killed by heat. The cysts are formed either in the large intestine or outside of the body. Balantidiasis is often asymptomatic.


Balantidiasis infections can be prevented by following proper hygiene practices. Unlike trophozoites, cysts cannot reproduce and do not have any cilia for moving. It belongs to the ciliophora phylum and is the only protozoan ciliate to infect humans.

Mikrobiologie Usage on en. Untreated dysentery cases can be fatal. Dinokaryota With a theca: Encystation takes place in the rectum of the host as feces are dehydrated or soon after the feces have been excreted.

They have a tough multilayered shell which protects them against stomach acid of the host, when ingested. Views Read Edit View history.

cyclw The trophozoite may become invasive and penetrate the mucosa of the large intestine See Clinical Presentation. See Morphology and Transmission for further descriptions of the stages.