Hey guys, here’s my latest project, a Ligeti Stratos. This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. It’s an ultralight kit. After taxiing trials and several low level hops 5 to 10 feet above the ground, the pilot commenced the takeoff for the aircraft’s first test flight. This aircraft was intended to be the production version of the “Stratos” aircraft. The prototype version had successfully flown some hours.

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Charles Ligeti was killed in a test-flight crash in Melbourne on 22 September but Ligeti Aeronautics announced it would continue development, including a Mk 2, a two-seat variant, fitted with a four-cylinder Konig engine. The XT is a pretty good choice but I think some might want a little more kick. For those like myself who are interested in the 45″ version, I pass along the reply to an email I sent asking about when it would be ready for sale: Disaster struck in September Analysis of the modifications indicates that the most significant effect on the stall characteristics would have resulted from use of full span elevators on ligeeti canard wing.


SukhoiLover63 nova and Flybyknight22 like this. It turned out very strong. Work on the Stratos was halted a few months later, no further aircraft were produced.

It’s plenty strong and I’ll have to see what the AUW is when it’s done.

FlyteTimeJun 1, As my kit is on the way Very Cool Joe. General details General details Date: Jul 15, SukhoiLover63 nova and Wildthing like this.

Motor XT with an 8×6 E-prop battery Hyperion 3 cell. FlyteTimeJul 30, Note that I used the winglets srtatos the kit to help a line the 3 parts.

Aviation safety investigations & reports

I had to add some nose weight and all I had was a small multi tool so I attached it with some Velcro until I can get something better. I did get the spars epoxied into the wing. The tsratos of full span elevators results in a relatively uniform loading of the canard as the elevator is deflected approaching the stall. I’m slowly coming back to where I was a while back with my interest level in the hobby. Joe Pierson Registered User.


Ligeti Stratos

I could get good spins both left and right. Wildthing and bogusbandit56 like this. Pricing will be set by the suppliers. Last edited by fall; Feb 16, at What were the libeti between the two versions which already flew. The foam is 9mm so two pieces of scrap from the fuselage can be used.

Team – Suppliers Posted in Articles by Christopher One of the main objectives of the Open Source Ligeti Stratos Project is to encourage the participation of commercial interests in the project to make engines, instrumentation, assemblies, straots and services available to individual builders through a coordinated supply chain.

Actually it’s the other way around. Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! SukhoiLover and Wildthing like this. Stability Specifications Pictures 3 views.

Investigation: – Ligeti Stratos, 1 km SE Penfield VIC, 22 September

Images View all Images in thread. For more information and the historical events, please see the Blog section.

Hi Jim, Now I am in for sure on this build too!!