The Conspiracy Against the Human Race has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Are you one of those hardcore True Detective fans held in thrall by. In Thomas Ligotti’s first nonfiction outing, an examination of the meaning (or meaninglessness) of life through an insightful, unsparing argument. ‚ÄúThere is a signature motif discernible in both works of philosophical pessimism and supernatural horror. It may be stated thus: Behind the.

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My own little mea culpa: It certainly was good for me to re-read it after a number of years. This is no simple ornamental display of learning and range; Ligotti has insights into each of these figures that cut like a razor. Ligofti of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe.

It will continue to be read not by philosophers but by those interested in the psychology of weird fiction. His non-fiction work acts as a Zen master of despair, rapping its readers across the knuckles every time we think we have followed Ligotti down the darkest of hallways, traced his pessimism about human experience as far as we can go.

You don’t have to smile, you don’t have to cheer up.

Thomas Ligotti – Wikipedia

This is an impressionistic survey lihotti weird fiction writer Thomas Ligotti of the ligotgi practitioners of modern philosophy, the guys who make Cioran look like a stand-up comic and Schopenhauer and Camus like irresponsible pollyannas.

The Best Jazz of What about examining how we retreat into delusion when confronted with evidence against our deeply-held beliefs, showing the futility of so-called “rationality”? Whilst I was there it became evident to me that regardless what Buddhist THEORY may postulate, the population on the ground has most certainly not accepted suffering as a way of life at all. Also among his avowed influences are Algernon BlackwoodM.

Isn’t the world, and certain chemical combinations in our own brains, fairly constantly telling us we don’t matter that conspkracy anyway? It’s not only given me further pause for thought on the central themes of Ligotti’s book which is most welcome, given how compelling and disturbing many of them are ; but it’s also done much to restore llgotti faith in online reviews in general.

But I don’t buy it. Beginning by resurrecting an obscure Scandinavian philosopher, Peter Wessel ZapffeLigotti takes us on a tour of both philosophy and literature that manages to include Schopenhauer, Anne Radcliffe, Thomas De Quincy, H. As I read The Conspiracy Against the Human RaceI had a strange feeling, as if deja vu and vertigo were somehow copulating in an itchy place ligothi my eyes. He’s one of only ten living writers lifotti the planet who’s been republished by Penguin Classics, a feat which only happened a year and a half ago, at which point the Washington Post called him “the best-kept secret in contemporary horror fiction.


How disappointing then his chapter on Buddhism: But here the useless, and indeed the negative, have an absolutely finality that have nothing to do with lkgotti.

Dec 01, Jakk Makk rated it it was amazing Shelves: If not so much how we interact with it, which remains more or less sociological and psychological, logic playing much less of a role in that engagement. Not knowing anything else, they took their lot in stride and imagined conspircy this is how it was for all and sundry, not a fate to lament but just the status quo.

View all 8 comments. But perhaps it serves a purpose because it takes existential pessimism to such absolute extremes that, if even the argument is not accepted, it manages to demolish all lesser forms of the death instinct on the way.

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

Whereas Ligotti looks at our reality and sees no reason to exist, I look from a similar vantage point and cannot see any reason not to. Casting hormones as some kind of separate factor influencing our behavior is just another homunculus ligottk, since it implies a part of us that would make perfectly rational decisions without those emotions, instead of the truth that decision without emotion is simply impossible.

That kind of thing. Having to wait for three trains before you can finally cram onto the subway? And the book has its uses even to us who think its thesis to be absurd and silly – just another literary confection logotti someone trying to fight above their intellectual weight.

Thomas Ligotti is a master of a different order, practically a different species.

Only by having faith in the things we can’t know, even in blatant fictions, can we take any action. Conspiravy foray into non-fiction is little more than an opinionated, often repeti A disappointment but perhaps not an unexpected one.

Well, for goodness sakes, man. Ten minutes of the actual real-life oigotti backs up this thesis much more effectively. But to the extent anything is real, that dream character’s suffering is legitimate. On the one hand, we have apparently suffered horribly because we can think yet it would seem thinking suggests that we can end that suffering with suicide in the short and specicide in the long term.


This idea has a rather common sense answer, one perhaps best summed up in one of Orwell’s most appealing defenses of connspiracy, an essay cheekily entitled ” Can Socialists be Happy?

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti

If to be alive is not all right, how can reading a book be as bleakly comforting as this one is? The cure conwpiracy worse than the disease. Further, the book spoke very directly to the sense of profundity I have occasionally experienced in the horror genre HP Lovecraft and L A remarkable if sometimes exasperating work of philosophy.

But I still take it. What’s more, so pervasively has the desirability of conspirafy been engendered within us by our consciousness, and the comspiracy frameworks it has empowered us to fabricate, that even the most unshakeable of pessimists will often live out their lives until some manner of death extinguishes their flame.

Mar 24, Tim Pendry rated it it was ok Shelves: Retrieved March 2, Ligotti freely admits that, throughout history, this has been a position held by a tiny minority of the population, surrounded by a wealth ligotgi optimists who believe that it is better to be alive than to be deadthat every day, in some way, we are getting betterand that hope springs eternal.

But here the useless, and indeed the negative, have an absolutely finality that have nothing to do with anti-intellectualism.

‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race’ Is a Therapuetic Work of Hardcore Literary Pessimism

It is a harrowing kind of initiation: You are not the one pretending. Ligotti makes the point that very few of us would be willing to be born in the past because of conditions there, but none of us take the viewpoint of the future and spare our child from being born now rather than, say, in a hundred years when suffering might be less. According to him, these dismissals are rooted in an underlying fear of pessimism.

How much nonsense can we take in our lives?