It performs operations such as page splitting, deskewing, adding/removing borders, and others. You give We develop both Windows and GNU/Linux versions. Deskew is an open source package which can detect skewed text in scanned text Deskew is available now for Windows, Linux and Mac. binary deskew (depends on platform). bin=”./deskew”. if [ -f “$bin” ]. then. // necessary on linux (other platforms?) to use it. chmod +x deskew. echo “creting.

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Thank you, actually I have Ubuntu Server Thank you for offering us this very nice work.

Straighten text in scanned documents with Deskew

My workflow is like this: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. No such file or directory Regards Husam Haddad.

I only tested on OS X, maybe this misbehaviour is platform-specific. And it also has a commandline tool that can rotate images: The input file sequence will be interrupted temporarily and will continue with the next input file afterwards. After splitting the sheet, –post-rotation is optionally applied individually to both output images as the very last processing step.

I have downloaded zip file and extracted in home folder. Thanks for your reply and the link to stack overflow. Note that an RGB-value is expected: Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. I tried to use this amazing tool in ubuntu server 64 bit using deskew64 command line, I got the following error: For next version I plan to modify this: You can find more theory in introductory post Deskewing Scanned Documents if you are curious. Many thanks, this one has gone into the toolbox.


Possible values for size-name are: Thanks again for this great tool.

No rotation if exceeded. The default is single. The scans are made from two pages at a time and some of these scans are skewed, making text appear slightly tilted.

Deskew Tools

This means the effect of parameter –border can be disabled individually per sheet. You might can use this program to find your angle, then rotate using another method.

After being created by the scanners, some image files are post-processed through a automated workflow using ImageMagick, LibTiff tools and Adobe Acrobat. Two values may be specified to individually set horizontal and vertical size. Bonzo 3, 1 deakew Values for h horizontal shift and v vertical shift can either be positive or negative. Use pnmrotate to de-skew the image. December 4, Deskew Tool v1.

Deskew Tools | Galfar’s Lair

I looked into the source files and I think I know where I can make the slight modifications mentioned above. I just discovered this outstanding tool. This can be useful when the sheet size and the image size differ.

Your tool is the first one giving us very satisfactory results. Edges from which to scan for rotation. In a batch file you can iterate over all files in the folder: Multiple masks may be specified. Deskew is an open deskeq package which can detect skewed text in scanned text documents, and output a straightened version. Larger liinux will leave less noise-pixels around former black areas, but may delete page content.


All size names can also be applied in rotated landscape orientation, use a4-landscapeletter-landscape etc. Kurt Pfeifle 9, 1 35 Masks detected above this size will be shrunk to the maximum value, each direction individually. Matthew Kuraja 3 5. The main purpose is to make scanned book pages better readable on screen after conversion to PDF.

Multiple areas to be wiped may be specified by multiple occurrences of this options.

Ubuntu Manpage: unpaper – Post-processing tool for scanned sheets of paper.

So the automatic de-skewing of images should be within reach. Only pixels inside a mask will remain. I’ve found the GPL software Briss to crop the scans in order to have a 1: This option has the same effect as setting all –no-xxx options together.