The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System consists of an assembly of clamps ( usually two or three) which can The options for treatment with the LRS System. manipulate limb so that both pairs of bone screws are parallel. Apply LRS rail with standard straight clamps, and tighten clamp locking screws. Spacing screw. ➞. Using the rail fixator from Orthofix as an example (Orthofix LRS, Verona, Italy), these can be summarised as follows: There should be at least.

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Anatomical or mechanical axis lengthening In the tibia, where the mechanical and anatomical axes are parallel, there is no debate over placing the fixator rail parallel to either limb axis. In the case of premature union of corticotomy site, we were not able to achieve normal limb length and there was 2 cm final shortening.

Gradual development of varus and procurvatum occurs with proximal femoral lengthening, irrespective of the type of external fixator device used.

Active and passive mobilization of adjacent joint orthofkx encouraged the day following operation. The influence of sex hormone on coagulation and inflammation in the trauma patients. Femoral nonunion; risk factors and treatment options. Subtrochanteric femoral lengthening Advantages Regenerate quality This area in the proximal femur has an excellent blood supply from anastomoses between branches ogthofix the medial and lateral circumflex femoral vessels.

Patients presenting with complex nonunion due to congenital disorders and following pathological fractures were excluded from the study. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


Order of pin insertion It is helpful to insert the most distal pin of the proximal clamp first Fig. In the absence of this problem, femoral lengthening can be performed along the anatomical axis. This has expanded the available choices for the surgeon as there is now a system of external fixation for the effective treatment of deformity and bone defects that is better tolerated by the patient. Turn off more accessible mode.

The X-ray orthorix shows pins located in the firstthird and fifth seats of the clamp with optimal spread. The large quadriceps, gluteal muscles, hamstrings and adductors can influence the progress of lengthening; tension created during lengthening produces pain, reduces movement across joints and deforms the regenerate column of bone.

But, it is cumbersome, heavy and complicated, both for the surgeon and the patient. Fourteen cases presented with infected implants. The profile of the femur in lateral view is curved, and inserting a series of screws set in line on a straight rail is difficult Fig. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Continuing, you will leave this website to access another website.

The study was approved by ethical committee of our institution. Patient was not ready for any other procedure; hence, 2 cm shoe rise was given.

Bifocal femoral lengthening Advantages Shorter healing time The bone healing index the period for which external fixation is required divided by total ,rs in length—expressed as days per cm is not a constant figure. This is considered the most essential part of this method of treatment.

Pages – LRS ADVanced

Adult System4 houses clamps for gradual correction. Many years of clinical experience have confirmed the efficacy of the device, providing good outcomes for the indications above as well as facilitating improvements over the orthorix surgical technique.


The incision is either longitudinal or transverse and the fascial incision likewise.

It focuses on the use of a rail fixator, although some of the descriptions are applicable to lengthening by circular fixators. The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System LRS is a series of modular monolateral external fixators to ors used in reconstructive procedures for treatment of: J Bone Joint Surg Am. Some monolateral rail systems also posses adjustable clamps e. Pain The higher peak forces and orthotix muscle tension generated by bifocal lengthening produce greater pain.

The middle template is the sandwich template clamp.

LRS is an alternative to the Ilizarov fixation in their management of complex nonunion of long bones. A check is performed by X-ray: This case finally underwent for below knee amputation.

The tension-stress effect on the genesis and growth of tissues. Average lengthening achieved was 4.

Management of complex long bone nonunions using limb reconstruction system

This increases the radial preload of these tapered screws in cancellous bone. A T-Clamp Template 3. Clinical References Clinical References. The Ilizarov method in infected nonunion of long bone. Again, ensure the knee flexion technique is carried out. Table 3 Details of treatment. Between April ,rs Septemberwe treated 30 cases of complex nonunion of long bone with the LRS.