Here is one Mahalaya. You can try Entire Mahalaya Lyrics I hope it helps. We lead, others follow. 31 Views How can I get the Bengali lyrics of “Mahalaya”?. Mahalaya. How can I How can I get the Bengali lyrics of “Mahalaya”? You can search Youtube or visit Mahalaya-Birendra Krishna Bhadra. Mahisasuramardini is a widely popular early Bengali radio programme that has been broadcast This programme is aired every year at day-break on Mahalaya. The programme, which started off as a live-performance, has been broadcast in.

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In a sonorous, reverberating voice Birendra Bhadra renders the Mahalaya recital for two thrilling hours, mesmerizing every lyrids with the divine aura of his narration, as the Bengalis submerge their souls in quiet moments of prayer. The banks of River Ganges in India are peopled with many priests seen busy performing Tarpan for devotees mahalwya groups.

The human body is an important vehicle for realizing God. It comprises of a dance drama with the evergreen chants by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. Posted by Saurav Chatterjee at 8: This legendary narrator recites the holy verses and tells the story of the descent of Durga to earth, in his inimitable style.

Mahalaya and the Legend of Karna The renowned hero of the Mahabharata, Karna, after he had died and left his mortal remains on earth and ascended to Heaven, the great charity he had done on earth was returned to him hundred-fold. He, in turn, took them to Vishnu, the God of preservation and Mahadeva, the God of destruction, to report their defeat. For goddess, see Durga.

BIRENDRA KRISHNA BHADRA – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

Birendra Krishna Bhadra was only 28 years old then. Comments on this Article. This way, Mahisasurmardini took a permanent place in the heart of Bengali as well as Indian culture. Mahisasura Mardini is the fierce form of Goddess Durga Maa an incarnation of Goddess Parvathiwhere Durga Maa is depicted with 10 arms who rides on a lion or tiger carrying weapons and assumes symbolic hand gestures or mudras.


So popular was his version of the recitation that when inthe voice of noted Bengali actor, Uttam Kumar was employed for the programme and renamed it as Durga Durgatiharini did not get favorable response from the audience and it was shifted back to the original version of Birendra Krishna Bhadra.

The emergence of the goddess was an auspicious moment.

Birendra Krishna Bhadra

Therefore, one should give food in plenty, to the hungry and needy, not only during the Mahalaya fortnight but all through the year. At that time AIR was the only place in Bengal where the local talents, singers, musicians, playwrights, instrument players would get recognition along with a little remuneration.

The CD version as of contains 19 tracks. Like many other ancient oral traditions, myths and folktales have added to the creation of this epic form of mahqlaya.

Mahalaya: A Bengali oral narative – sonakshikundu

A translated version in Hindi is subsequently transmitted from all other important radio stations of the country. Charity in the form of food is important during this observance. Armed with weapons of all bebgali, the Mother Goddess defeated the Asuras, thus ending the rule of evil forces. Thus, the auspicious Mahalaya day is religiously observed by performing this important ritual to remember our ancestors by doing the Tarpan in the names of those benggali were our near and dear ones but who are no longer alive with us today, though we cherish them in our hearts and minds.

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On the contrary, it wakes us lyris from our futile dreams and situates us right in the midst of the terrible realities of the present-day world which we very often fail to face.

The gods then projected their energy from their bodies and evoked a new form of energy.

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Archived from the original on April 17, Armed like a warrior, the goddess rides a lion to battle with the Mahisasura. Immediately an atmosphere is created full of assurance, respect and universal love and peace.

The feminine principle has two aspects: In the face of adversity and destruction of Earth, the combat with the demon and finally the victory of good over evil. Mahisasura, the terrible king of the Asuras had defeated the gods and driven them out of Heaven. This energy then crystallised into the heavenly form of a Goddess.


The second purpose of the Chandi is to depict the reality of evil. Nice narration, very informative. The day of Mahalaya ushers in the aura of Durga Puja. The gods then led by Indra seek refugee from Lord Benglicreator of the Universe in the presence of Lord Vishnuthe preserver and Lord Shivathe destroyer. The waking up of Lord Vishnu was possible only because the Supreme Goddess who was in the form of Yognidra Devi left him. The Himalayas gave Her the lion to act as her mount, Vishnu gave her the Chakra, Mahadeva gave her the trident, Yama gave her the Kaal Danda, Kalbhairav or Veerbhadra gave the Khadga, Chandra gave the ashtachandra shield, Surya gave bow and arrows, Vishwakarma a protective armour lyricss as kawach, Brahma gave her the rosary and the Kamandalu container of sacred waterand Kuber gave her ornaments and necklaces.

Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion observed seven days before the Durga Puja, and heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power.

But, it was all gold and silver; there was no food, as he had not done any food-charity. Cover of Mahisasuramardini album.

The gift of food is the greatest gift of all. This is done through the chanting of mantras and shlokas and singing devotional songs. The program has been translated into Hindi set to similar orchestration and is broadcast at the same time for a pan-Indian audience.

This program has become synonymous with Mahalaya which is celebrated to majalaya the Debipaksha lunar fortnight and the Durga Puja.

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